For acceptance of prayers Prophet’s intercession is important

Friday, 2 March 2012

Hyderabad, March 02: Shaikhul Islam Prof. Mohammed Tahirul Quadri advised the Muslims to strengthen their association with Prophet Mohammed (SAWS). He was addressing a large gathering at Quli Qutub Shah Stadium last night explaining the traditions (Ahadith) of the Prophet (SAWS) Minhaj Quran International had organized this meeting. Prof. Tahirul Quadri told that when a person relates himself to the Prophet (SAWS) from his heart, Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) from his heart, Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) get anxious to help him. The Prophet (SAWS) is always worried about his Ummah as a mother worries about her children.

Quoting the Quranic verse from Surah Nisa, he told that Allah says, “Those who resort to cruelty on their lives, should come to my beloved Prophet (SAWS) and seek pardon from me and if the Prophet (SAWS) also recommended them, they will find me the acceptor and merciful”.

In this verse, Allah has instructed people to approach the Prophet (SAWS) and seek pardon. This becomes intercession for them. Although Allah is not dependent on the recommendation of the Prophet (SAWS) for granting pardon, he can do so on his own, but for sinners like us it is necessary.

Due to the intercession of the Prophet (SAWS) the mercy and benevolence of Allah gets enhanced.

It is evident from the traditions of the Prophet (SAWS) that even after the demise of Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) intercession of the Prophet (SAWS) is an important source for the acceptance of our prayers.

Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) has taught us the prayer “Oh Allah I pray to you, with name of the Prophet (SAWS) to fulfill my needs”. This tradition proves the intercession of the Prophet (SAWS) only prayer is not enough. Virtuous deeds are obligatory. If the intercession of good deeds is legitimate why can’t the intercession be legitimate.

Maulana Kazim Pasha Quadri who was moderating the meeting told that Prof. Tahirul Quadri’s contribution for Islam is commendable. Prof. Ali Ashraf Jaisi also addressed the gathering Qari Mohammed Rizwan Quraishi, Imam of Makka Masjid recited the verses from the Quran.

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