Mawlid Festival 2012 - Netherlands

Minhaj-ul-Quran International Youth League (Hague, Netherlands) organized prestigious a Milad festival 2012 on May 27, 2012. Sahibzada Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri, President of MQI’s Supreme Council, was the chief guest on the occasion. Members of Pakistani, Dutch, African, Moroccans and Turkish communities attended the festival in large numbers.

The purpose of organizing this ceremony was to inculcate the essence of Islamic teachings in the youth and motivate them to work for peace, interfaith dialogue and harmony in the world as agent of positive change.

The programme was organized in a beautiful hall located in the middle of The Hague, the capital city of the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. A large number of people from Germany, Belgium, France, Norway, England and other countries also attended the programme. Allama Hassan Mir Qadri, Hafiz Iqbal Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmad Warriah, Chaudhry Muhammad Azam and others were some of the distinguished participants.

Delivering his keynote speech, Sahibzada Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri said that Allah Almighty sent the Holy Prophet (SAW) as a mercy for all the worlds. He said that the Holy Prophet (SAW) is the last of all Prophets. He said that the last Prophet of Allah kept on urging the believers to fulfil the rights of others without any discrimination and the state of Madina set up by him was a manifestation of equality of rights and rule of law where members of all communities including Jews and Christians enjoyed fruits of real equality. He referred to a case of killing of a Jew by a Muslim which was brought to the court of the Holy Prophet (SAW) for adjudication. The Holy Prophet (SAW) delivered his verdict against the killer and said that all were equal in the eyes of law.

Addressing the Muslim communities living in Europe, Sahibzada Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri said that they were duty-bound to promote social cohesion, integration, love and harmony in the society they chose to live in. He said that promotion of love and brotherhood was in accord with the teachings of Islam.

A renowned Muslim scholar of the USA reminded the European Muslims of their responsibilities and threw light on the steps that could be taken to make world a hub of peace and tranquillity. He said that the ideal life of the Holy Prophet (SAW) provided all solutions to the problems that the Muslims were confronted in the contemporary world. He said that if the Muslims understood and imbibed the original teachings of Islam, there was no way they could not become the harbinger of peace and human development in the world.

Tasneem Sadiq Qadri apprised the participants of the educational services of Minhaj Education Society. He also thanked the participants for sparing time.

Nasheed groups sung a number of Nasheeds in their melodious voices. A stall of Minhaj Welfare Foundation was set up, which informed the participants about the scope of welfare operations of the Foundation for the suffering humanity. The participants appreciated the work of MWF. Special programmes were also designed for young children at the Milad festival. The programme ended on Dua for world peace.

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