Holland: Minhaj Sisters League organizes Milaad Celebration

To mark the auspicious occasion of the birth of Holy Prophet (SAW), Minhaj Sisters League (The Hague) organized ‘Ladies Milaad Celebration’ on the 26th of January. Approximately 170 women attended the program.

Sister Sanae ben Abdelouahab opened the event with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran.

Our host of the event, Sister Adeela Nazir, welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the event. Several sisters, young and old, then presented salutations upon Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) along with beautiful and inspirational Nasheed performances.

Sister Nosheen Ali (executive member Minhaj Sisters League, The Hague) shared an overview of the recent MSL projects and upcoming activities and courses, which the brand new Minhaj Centre will be providing for the community. New courses, workshops, lectures and gatherings are being held at this building of Minhaj-ul-Quran, The Hague for the past few months since the doors opened in September 2013.

Then Sister Marinah Syed Shah (President Minhaj Sisters League, The Hague) came on the stage to welcome and thank everyone for attending this beautiful gathering. Sister Marinah welcomed Sister Sumaira Faisal (BE), our very respected chief Guest of the event.

Ms. Sumaira Faisal (European Coordinator Minhaj Women & Sisters) was the main speaker and spoke about the Status of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the importance of following our Beloved Prophet’s Sunnah. The speech was in line with the Hadith (Sahih Bukhari) narrated by Anas bin Malik which emphasizes on the importance of working on our spiritual connection with Prophet Muhammad (SAW), a selection of the mentioned Hadith is as following; Allah’s Apostle said: "When (Allah's) slave is put in his grave and his companions return and he even hears their footsteps, two angels come to him and make him sit and ask, 'What did you use to say about this man (i.e. Muhammad)?'

Sister Sumaira then gave some very good pieces of advice on how to work on this relation with Prophet Muhammad (SAW). She inspired and motivated the audience to prepare in this world in order to be able to answer this question in our graves.

Sister Tabinda Mahmood (Vice-President Minhaj Sisters League, The Hague) concluded the program with a short speech in Dutch Language to deliver a message to the younger generation. She emphasized the audience to pursue the goal of our lives in this world and how we can receive the Mercy of Allah throughout our lives. The answer was explained with the following Quranic verse (51:56): ‘And I created the jinn and human beings solely to adopt My servitude’.

Sister Tabinda concluded her talk with an invitation to every person to join the activities of Minhaj Sisters League, become one of the volunteers and therewith fulfill their duty to work for promotion of peace, love, interfaith dialogue and harmony.

The program was closed with a beautiful Salaat-o-Salaam recitation and emotional Duaa by Minhaj Women League. Delicious food was prepared for the audience which was served after Salat al Maghrib.