MWL Executive (UK) holds first quarterly meeting

Minhaj-ul-Quran UK National Executive Team held their first quarterly meeting of 2015 at Gateway Enterprise Centre Walsall on 11 April 2015. The meeting was attended by the following office bearers:

  • Mrs. Fatima Mashadi (President MWL UK)
  • Mussarat Hussain (General Secretary MWL UK)
  • Nasreen Akhter (President MWL North Zone)
  • Shaila Perveen (General Secretary MWL North Zone)
  • Gulshan Bano (President MWL Midlands Zone)
  • Rosina Nawaz (General Secretary Midlands Zone, Dawah & MDP Secretary UK)
  • Nusrat Mehmood (President MWL South Zone)
  • Summayah Murtaza (General Secretary South Zone)
  • Yasmin Ahmed (President MWL Scotland) on Skype call
  • Shamime Jan (Media Secretary MWL UK)
  • Jannat Elhai (Membership Secretary MWL UK)
  • Rubina Raja (Welfare Secretary MWL UK)
  • Riffat Rana (Halaqa Durood Shariff Co-ordinator MWL UK)
  • Jamilla Akter (North Zone Dawah Secretary)
  • Shahida-ul-Haq (North Zone Welfare Secretary & MWL UK Finance Secretary)

The host sisters from Walsall Minhaj Women League

Meeting started by Ustaza Fatima Mashadi (President MWL UK) sharing last year’s updates on restructure of Minhaj-ul-Quran Women League UK. She said that, the new structure has produced a very successful way of working and has led to great results being achieved by MWL UK for 2014. The Working Plan and targets for 2015 was discussed.

Each Zonal Team presented their achievements and challenges of 2015. Zonal Teams also set out their targets for the next quarter.

Sister Shamime Jan (Media Secretary MWL UK) gave updates on media reporting. The new structure of reporting was discussed and finalised. New reporting targets were finalised with all Zonal Teams. Training methods for local Media Teams were discussed and finalised with contribution and support from Zonal Teams. Social Media activities were discussed and new methods of working with Social Media were finalised. Reporting targets were set for the next quarter.

Sister Jannat Elhai (Membership Secretary MWL UK) shared information on new memberships of MQI through MWL UK. Discussion was held on finding ways of making the system run more smoothly and efficiently.

Sister Rosina Nawaz (Dawah & MDP) presented updates on Dawah & Minhaj Dawah Project.

Discussion was held on how to present both of these projects in working structure of MWL UK.

Sister Rubina Raja (Welfare Secretary MWL UK) shared the updates on all MWL Welfare activities and their working methods. Planning for Zakat and Qurbani were discussed.

Sister Riffet Rana (Halqa e Durood Co-ordinator MWL UK) presented progress report on the working methods and discussion was held on structure of communication methods.

Ms. Fatima Mashadi (President MWL UK) appreciated the achievements and dedication of the MWL UK National Executive Team. All main points of the Teams’ future planning were concluded and finalised. The Teams were encouraged by her to keep their devotion of hard work and love for their work of Minhaj-ul-Quran consistent so that more great results are produced for the following months InShaAllah. Walsall MWL was thanked for hospitality and support for this meeting. Next quarterly meetings date and venue was set at 15th of August 2015 and the hosts will be Manchester MWL InShaAllah. The meeting was concluded with a Dua by Sister Riffet Rana.

Reported by Shamime Jan (Media Secretary MWL UK)