MWL Tinsley discusses future plans

The Minhaj Women League UK Executive Team held a meeting today in Tinsley with the Tinsley, Sheffield and Rotherham Minhaj Women League chapters on October 25, 2015.

The MWL Executive Team consisted of much respected Ms. Fatima Mash'hadi (UK President), Sister Mussarat Hussain (UK General Secretary), Sister Shahida ul Haq (UK Welfare Secretary), Sister Jabeen (Head of Community Work), Sister Asma (Information Secretary), Sister Nusrat (South President) and Sister Rukhshanda (South General Secretary).

Also present was Sister Khalda Khan (MWL Tinsley President) with her team, Sister Shaheena Qureshi (MWL Rotherham President) with her team and Sister Hameeda (MWL Sheffield President) with her team. The teams discussed their progress and raised any concerns that they had.

They were also asked by the Executive team to be as active as possible on media so their work could be highlighted at an international level. Ms. Fatima Mash’hadi congratulated the Tinsley team on their hard work and efforts in particular the media reports that were being published on the Minhaj ul Quran UK website on a regular basis.

Ms. Fatima Mash’hadi also took her time out to visit the Tinsley Islam Centre where the Halqa-e-Darood is held on a weekly basis. She was impressed with the venue and congratulated the team on their efforts.

We are thankful to the Executive Team for taking out time for us from their busy schedule.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meeting today. The meeting ended on a very positive note with everyone speaking very fondly of it. The meeting boosted everyone's morale and motivated the teams. We endeavour to continue our hard work through the dynamic platform provided to us by Minhaj ul Quran. The meeting was attended by 35 ladies.

Reported by Aayesha Khan (MWL Tinsley Media Secretary)