A huge Eid gathering under MQI Berlin

On November 27, 2009, the Muslims living in Berlin celebrated Eid-ul-Adha with religious fervour. The Muslim organizations of different schools of thought decided to celebrate Eid on the same day. This consensus within the mainstream Muslim organizations won huge applause from across the Muslim community in Germany. A large number of people including women gathered in the central Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque to offer Eid prayer at 9 a.m., which was led by Hafiz Nazir Ahmad. The Eid provided Muslims with a rare opportunity to demonstrate their solidarity and unity. Those who offered their prayers in MQI Mosque belonged to different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other African countries etc.

Hafiz Nazir Ahmad Qadri delivered a spellbinding speech on the topic of sacrifice. He threw light on the importance, reward and excellence of sacrifice, saying that the Day of Eid reminded us all of the complete compliance of his father's command by Hazrat Ismail (R.A) and we celebrated this by sacrificing animals every year.

After the prayers, the address was read out and collective prayer about peace, brotherhood, harmony and stability in the world was led. The Muslims embraced one another in a traditional manner and exchanged greetings and felicitations. The administration of MQI Berlin had made arrangement for the distribution of sweet dish to the Muslims on the occasion.

Scores of people waited for their turn to greet Hafiz Nazir Ahmad. They asked him about various problems and sought his advice. Hafiz sahib answered every question in his characteristic style to the satisfaction of people. He has been coming to Berlin off and on and his very presence enthuses all and sundry, which was clearly visible on this day of Eid.

One of the worth mentioning thing about this year's Eid was the overwhelming response of the Muslim community to the call of MQI to contribute their share in the sacrifice. The meat of sacrificed animals was sent back to Pakistan, where it was distributed among the poor and the needy as per Islamic injunctions.

President Faiz Ahmad, senior vice president Nadeem Shah, General Secretary Muhammad Irshad, press secretary Muhammad Asif, finance secretary Ghulam Haider Khan, Muhammad Rafique, Haji Javed, Khizar Hayat Tarar, Salahuddin Sheikh, Ghulam Sarwar Mehr, and other office holders made efforts to hold the programme. Muhammad Shakil Chughtai, media coordinator of MQI, also offered the Eid prayer along with his family under the leadership of Hafiz Nazir Ahmad.