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Grande-Bretagne: plus de 1.300 jeunes ont participé à un
1300 unge muslimer samlet i kamp mot terrorisme
Mehr als 1300 junge Muslime bei Anti-Terror-Sommercamp in England
Großbritannien: 1.300 Muslime wurden im Antiterror-Sommercamp geschult
England: Über 1000 junge Muslime in Anti-Terror-Camp
Primer campamento de verano contra el terrorismo organizado por musulmanes
Camp aims to empower with anit-terror message
Guardian: Muslim group holds 'anti-terrorism' summer camp
Arab News: UK Muslim youths in summer camp against extremism
Anti-Terrorism Camp to be Set-up in Britain by a Pakistani Organization
BBC: Muslim group Minhaj ul-Quran runs 'anti-terrorism' camp
Reuters UK: Hundreds expected at UK Muslim anti-terrorism camp
DAWAN: Hundreds expected at UK Muslim anti-terrorism camp
UK hosts anti-terror camp for Muslim youths
IB Times UK: Moderate Muslim declares 'intellectual and spiritual war' against extremism ahead of first 'anti-terror' camp
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