The Indian Awaaz: World Sufi Conference condemns all forms of terrorism

The Indian Awaaz: World Sufi Conference condemns all forms of terrorism

The four day World Sufi Forum that concluded with a big rallly at grand Ramlila ground in New Delhi has resolved to fight against terrorism, it in all form. The forum came out with a declaration against extremism and outrightly condemned terrorism.

Addressing the conference, Pakistan politician and Islamic scholar Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri said that the real enemy of India and Pakistan is terrorism. He praised the role of India in promoting world peace and lashed out at the ISIS saying what it is doing is not Jihad, but conflict.

He also condemned ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban and said they are against the Islam. Mr Qadri said separatism is being promoted by narrow minded people for the past 50 years in name of Islam adding that Sufism should be taught in both countries as it can help reduce terrorism.

Pitching for a dialogue between India and Pakistan, Mr Qadri said both the countries must decide whether they want to continue nearly seven decades of hostility or would prefer a path of peace, economic growth and development.

The World Sufi Forum came to a close this evening. The event was organised by All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board, AIUMB, which is the apex body of Sufi Dargahs in India. Hundreds of scholars, Sufi luminaries, Imams and Muftis from across the world were gathered to take part in the conclave. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also addressed the conference.

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