UK: MQI (Birmingham) celebrates Milad-un-Nabi (SAW)

On 1st February a very successful programme of Eid Milad ul Nabi took place in Minhaj-u- Quran Mosque situated on Naseby road, Alum Rock, Birmingham. This blessed programme started with the recitation of the holy Quran by Javeria Ahmed, followed by nasheeds from Shaheen, Shameem and a few others.

Hosted by Gulshan Bano, we moved towards Rozina Nawaz who gave inspirational talk about Dawa project. Continuing with our lovely nasheeds, we called our angelic young speaker, Fiza Andali,b who delivered an Urdu speech with some breath-taking nasheeds.Our guest of honour Fatimah Saba arrived with her team and was welcomed with flowers. Rukhsana Iqbal was now hosting the event. She entertained the participants with some lovely nasheeds. The audience listened to Shaykh-ul-Islam’s DVD titled ‘Meelad, Why?’ Shortly after that there was question answer session for the public based on the DVD. The sisters who answered the questions had an opportunity to receive gifts from Fatimah Saba.

Without wasting any time the proceedings were handed over to Fatimah Saba who delivered the most emotional and effective speech that we ever heard. Soon after that the English speech was delivered by our bright young girl Maria Ashraf. Her speech was a real eye opener for the youth. In-between a children’s nasheed group led by Tabasum and another nasheed group led by Haleema performed. All the children performed wonderfully.Taking the audience towards the end of the programme, Gulshan Bano took to the state for about 15 minutes. She threw light on the aims of Minhaj ul Quran International including Dawa project. To fulfil these aims, she appealed to public to open their hearts and donate generously. Her voice touched people’s hearts and £875 were raised on the spot. Other than that, £350 were raised from food stalls prepared by Women League members. All of the stalls were managed by our lovely youth Romaana Hussain. At the end of the programme, zikar was done by Rabia Khanum and duaa and salaam by Gulshan. Tabrak was distributed at the end of the programme. Many thanks is due to our guest of honour Fatimah Saba and her team for taking time out to enrich the programme with their presentations.

Reported By: Rehana Ishtiaq