Appeal for help of Tharparkar affectees

A gruesome human tragedy continues to unfold in Tharparkar (Sind) as 121 children have died of drought and food shortage. Animals and birds are also in harm’s way. Given the criticality of situation, over 300 families have migrated to Hyderabad and other areas of Sind to escape deadly effects of hunger and drought.

Responding to magnitude of challenge and scale of human suffering, Minhaj Welfare Foundation has sprung into action on the special instructions of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. MWF has established a fund for rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the affectees of Tharpakar.

Let us come forward and play our part to help the suffering brothers and sisters on the platform of Minhaj Welfare Foundation.

Donations in the form of cash, online cheques and bank drafts can be deposited in Freedom Account No. 01977900163103, Habib Bank Limited, Faisal Town Branch, Lahore. You can also contact at the following for details:
Phone no. 0092-42-35168365
Fax no. 0092-42-35168184