UK-MQI (Nelson) holds gathering in memory of Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani

On Friday 9th May, Jamia Masjid Minhaj-ul-Quran held a Khatam Sharif and ‘Giyarvi Sharif gathering’ in honour of the Grand Shaykh late Nazim Al Haqqani (RA) who passed away. The Shaykh, who was a good friend of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, passed away on Thursday 8th May 2014, after a short illness. The gathering was attended by all the teachers and students of the education centre.

The event began with the senior classes, Khadijah Class and Fatimah Class, reciting Surah Ya’seen, whilst the younger students from Amina Class and Aisha Class recited Darood Sharif and Kalimah Sharif. The gathering was hosted by Sana Saeed Butt and Nadia Hussain, who did a wonderful job of conducting the proceedings. As usual, the event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, which was recited beautifully by Nida Ajaz. This was followed by Sister Jasmine and Alisha Ahmed reciting Qasedah e Naqshbandia, which is commonly recited in gatherings which follow the Naqshbandi Silsila of the Grand Shaykh, Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (RA).Sister Haleema Hussain recited a beautiful Naat whilst Bismah Khanum recited a short poem. This was followed by Amina Ahmed reciting a Kalaam of Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani. Fatimah Rahman then recited another short poem, whilst Sammar Basharat and Irtiqa Mehmood recited a beautiful Kalaam together. There were also poem recitations from Ameelia, Hira Naveed and Zalaikha Mehmood. The talk of the event was delivered by Alisha Ahmed, who gave a speech about the life and works of Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani (RA). This was followed by the final Naat Sharif of the event which was recited beautifully by Tooba Bilal.

The Mehfil was concluded with Dhikr and Salaam on the Holy Prophet (SAW) and Dua by the Head Teacher Sister Tahira Basharat. She made special Dua for Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani, and presented all of the kalaams recited in the court of Allah (SWT) as ‘Isaal e Sawwab’ for the Grand Shaykh. Dua was also made for the well-being and good health of our Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, and also for the long and healthy life of all the children and students who attend the education centre. The attendees pray that Allah (SWT) gives the Shaykh a high place in Jannah, and that his grave is illuminated with the Noor of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Reported by: Tahira Basharat and Naushaza Fiaz



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