Millions of people stay away from voting and bore out the policy of PAT : President Pakistan Awami Tehreek

President of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, Faiz-ur-Rahman Khan Durrani, said the low turnout has established the fact that people are fed up with present electoral system. Boycotting the electoral process, they - millions of them - have endorsed the historic decision of PAT. He stressed the point that the existing electoral system is bloody. Political violence has taken many precious lives. That is why the masses have lost interest in it. Faiz-ur-Rahman Khan Durrani stated further that the current electoral system based on injustice can be won by winning horses alone. In this system corrupt, feudal lords and millionaires come to power while people at large cannot have their say in the government. The existing brutal and hypocritical system does not allow poor people and those from middle-class even to think of contesting the election. As a result of the election only a rubber-stamp assembly will come into being. It will give rise to public and national problems.



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