Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri's Press Conference (Judicial Commission probing rigging was like JIT of Punjab Government)

Govt publishes only a favourable report: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri on 26 July 2015 addressed a press conference at the PAT’s central secretariat in Lahore.

Key points:

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri will hold a press conference at Marriott Hotel in Islamabad on 29 July of the current month in order to launch the first Islamic curriculum on peace and counter terrorism. Foreign ambassadors to Pakistan are invited to the ceremony.

Terrorism has shaken the Muslim world, and the adherents to Islam are feeling uneasy due to the acts of terrorism carried out in the moniker of their faith. To combat the demon of insurgency, he issued a comprehensive decree about five years back in the UK. Afterwards he focused his attention on preparing a syllabus for thwarting extremism and radicalism with a view to de-radicalizing the youth.

Presently, floods are inundating rural areas in Pakistan. Last year when floods struck and funds came from abroad, venal rulers indulged in the misappropriation of public funds.

The top-ranking government officials are plaguing the hopelessly depressed and financially squeezed populace of Pakistan. If they want liberation from suffering, poverty and privation, they should jettison the venal and corrupt regime.

The heirs of the targeted killers in Karachi should be helped by the government. The powers that be ought to provide each household with at least with one honourable job if they are concerned about the well-being of the bereft families.

Justice Baqar Najafi of the LHC completed the inquiry and handed the report on the Model Town tragedy over to the Punjab administration. The leaked portion of the report substantiated the accusations the PAT levelled against the political establishment of Punjab. Now a petition has been filed to have the Najafi’s appointment declared null and void. Instead of compromising, the PAT is fighting the case in the courts.

Also, Dr Qadri said the reports are published without more ado if the decision is in government’s favour, but can anyone ask the political administration why the report of Model Town tragedy has not been made public?

The PAT will take part in the upcoming local council elections in Punjab and Sindh whenever they are held. He rejected any idea of phased local body elections.

The PAT supremo has overhauled the organizational structure. Now its president is Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi. Recently, a rumour was spread that the PAT body was dissolved. It was an unfounded piece of news.

The JIT, to probe the deadly Model Town shooting incident, was formed against the wishes of heirs of the victims. It was not neutral, so the PAT and the heirs of the martyrs boycotted it.

The law of the land has laid down the rule that if a police encounter occurs (where both parties shoot down each other), the policemen cannot probe. But in the Model Town case there was no police encounter. The so-called law enforcers sprayed bullets at unarmed and peaceful civilians. Sooner or later, the PAT will approach the court vis-à-vis Model Town massacre.

The ECP was constituted in infringement of the constitution. Hence the very foundation of the incumbents – that is, the government – is illicit.

The legal fraternity makes such a fuss about the contempt of court. Here the contempt of system is being committed with impunity since the inception of Pakistan. But who will bring the usurpers of the public resources to account?

With the declaration of holding local council elections, the government announced that it would change the political system (in order to rig it). However, the rumours are the local council elections may be put on the back burner.

The electoral system is flawed and crooked in Pakistan. Yet the PAT will partake in the polls; the PAT will reap benefit: the party’s message will reach widely; local PAT leadership will emerge. Even if most PAT candidates lose, it does not matter.

The PTI gave consent to the creation of a commission for probing the rigging. The PAT had already warned them that falling for the judicial commission was not a wise step. But both the PAT and the PTI are independent parties and are free to take their decisions.

The nation is on the brink of destruction with the venal rulers at the helm. If the people perish and even if the dispensation disintegrates but the rulers thrive, they are on cloud nine.