The state failed to provide me justice after six years: Bisma Amjad

The state failed to provide me justice after six years: Bisma Amjad

Bisma Amjad, the daughter of Shaheed Tanzeela Amjad who was martyred in Model Town, has said former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had called her into his office and asked her to focus on education and pledged to dispense justice. She said the commitment of any head of an institution is, in fact, the commitment of the entire institution but added in the same breath that the word given by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has not been implemented to date. She said that she asked Justice Saqib Nisar as to what crime her mother had committed for which she was killed by a state agency. She said the former CJ had assured her of the provision of justice and those promises have not been fulfilled to this day. She asked as to what crime her mother committed and which law she broke that made the Police kill her.

Bisma Amjad said the weak segments of society do not get justice in the face of the powerful. It is powerful who get relief and justice. She asked as to why the families of the martyrs are being kept deprived of the right to fair investigation despite the passage of the six years. She said it appears as if efforts are being made to save the skins of the people. He said previously since the accused were in the positions of power, that is why people would fear them. Now there is a different government by another political party but no progress has been made in the case despite the passage of the government.

Bisma Amjad said that she has this question for the Army Chief, Chief Justice of Pakistan and Prime Minister Imran Khan as to why she was deprived of her mother during her childhood. She said the state had to put a balm on our wounds by delivering justice but unfortunately, salt was rubbed into them with the result that we are still smarting. She said if we could not get justice in this world, then she will hold the killers by their collars on the day of judgment.