If the Ummah wants to replace their fall-with glory it would have to submit itself to the dictates of Allaha Almighty. Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

Majority of people are worried because of lack of necessities of life, the monster of price hike is devouring the poor peoples, the shortage of water and energy has destroyed the beauty of life, People honor is not safe, and the shrines are being hit, incompetent, dis-honest and characterless people are in the saddle of power, restlessness and rat race ruling are order of the day, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. The people have dis-converted themselves from the lord and are in search of artificial life. Dr Qadri expressed these views while addressing the CWC of MQI telephonically from Australia. Sheikh Zahid Fayaz, Rana Fayaz, Brig (R) M. Iqbal, Qazi Faiz another leader of MQI were also present on the occasion. Dr Qadri deplored the fact that the tradition of helping the poor and less privileged sections of society is dying. The practice of payment of Zakat is without its spirit which is responsible for increasing hunger and poverty. He said that we would have to act upon the system of brother hood given by holy prophet (PBUH). He asked to how many out of 17 crrores were desirous of mercy of Allah. He asked how many were in the youths who kept Hassan (R.A) Hussain (R.A) and Fatima (R.A) as their ideals. Our heart has become harder than stones and our eyes have stop the weeping in the remembrance of Allaha. If the nation wants the solution of their problems it would have to do collective retenance. He asked if the Ummah re connected itself to Allaha and the holy prophet (PBUH) it could get rid of all problems. Dr Qadri said that there is no action greater than weeping for fear of Allaha one attains this state of mind only with the blessings of Allah.