PAT protests POL price hike

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) organized a protest demonstration against the continuous government's practice of hiking the prices of POL products in which hundreds of protesters participated. PAT leader G.M. Malik led the protest demonstration, while Afzal Gujjar, president of PAT Punjab, M.M. Shaheen, Secretary General of PAT Punjab, Jawad Hamid, Hafiz Ghulam Farid, and other leaders of PAT also participated. The protesters were carrying placards and posters inscribed with anti-government and anti-hike slogans.

Addressing the protesters, PAT leader G.M. Malik said that the cursed anti-people policies of the present political administration are pushing the people against the wall, crushing them under the burden of unbearable inflation and dearness. He said that the poor are being robbed of their right to life which is evident from the recurring hike in prices of POL products every month. He demanded of the government not only to withdraw the price hike but also decrease them to give hard-pressed people much needed breathing space.

G.M. Malik said that a government which came into power in the name of the poor is making life hell for their electorate. He blasted the government over its incessant habit of increasing the prices of POL products every now and then. He said that PAT fully rejected the recent reprehensible act of the government.

G.M. Malik said that the desperate act of increasing the prices of POL products proved that the government did not possess any credible plan to deal with the economic mess the country was caught up in. He said that the people would have to take to the streets to send the present corrupt electoral system packing otherwise their lives would continue to become more miserable.