Real Change in Pakistan, But How?


A programme to create awareness among the students of COSIS (College of Shariah & Islamic Sciences) and update them concerning the present deteriorating socio-economic and political situation in Pakistan, was organized under the aegis of COSIS and WAAG (World Association of Al Azhar Graduates).

An eminent Journalist and renowned T.V anchor Iftikhar Ahmad was chief Guest Speaker. Principal COSIS Brig (R ) Dr.Obaid Ullah Ranjha presided over the ceremony.

Vice Princiapl Acadimic Dr.Muhammad Asghar Javed Al Azhari , Vice Principal Admin Major( R) Ali Hussain Rizvi ,Director Media Affairs Minhaj ul Quran Qazi Faiz ul Islam and teaching faculty of COSIS also attended the ceremony.

The worthy guest speaker delivered a short speech on the topic “Real Change in Pakistan, But How?” and urged upon the audience that in order to bring about real change in Pakistan, the involvement of each and every individual in state related issues must be ensured .He also remarked that an attitude of indifference and complacency on behalf of masses is leading the country to utter destruction .The Speaker also entertained a host of questions from the audience concerning deterioration in all state institutions and the reasons, consequences and events leading to this morass.

In the end, Brig (R ) Dr. Obaid Ullah Ranjha expresses his words of gratitude to worthy guest for gracing the ceremony and enlightening the students with his thought provoking talk. He also requested the guest speaker that we would feel honored if he spares sometime in future to update our students concerning the prevailing socio- political situations in Pakistan.