Pro-women legislation urgent need for women empowerment: MWL

Islam has not only endowed all rights on people but also given them consciousness to remain alert on their protection. The human beings have the courage and awareness to make sure that their rights are not encroached upon. Islam ensures that all citizens living in an Islamic state enjoy equal rights and equal opportunities irrespective of any discrimination of caste, creed, colour and race. It emphasizes the safeguarding of these rights that even the ruler cannot take away those rights.

Ms Noshaba Zia, Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Women League, expressed these views while addressing the executive council of MWL in Lahore the other day.

The Secretary General of MWL said that women enjoyed equal rights in Islam and those who sought to diminish her role by invoking religious teachings were in the wrong. She said that woman was a complete legal personality and it was responsibility of the state to undertake legislation for the protection of rights of women folk. She said that widows were deserving of special policy attention in this regard. She said that Islam gave women share in inheritance and those who barred women from getting their legal right actually violated the Islamic injunctions.