Tahirul Qadir vows to make world’s largest Tehrir Square in Islamabad

By newspakistan on January 1, 2013

Chairman Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri on Tuesday said that Islamabad was about to become world’s largest Tehrir Square on January 14, stressing that the revolution will be peaceful. The rally titled “Safar-e-Inqilab-e-Pakistan” was held at Jinnah Ground and was also addressed by MQM chief Altaf Hussain via telephone from London. He said that he had invited all religious and political parties of the country to join the march but only the MQM responded positively. Responding to allegations of being backed by a foreign agenda, the religious leader said that those spreading this propaganda were liars. “My mission is to uphold the Constitution of Pakistan. My mission is to restore Jinnah’s true democracy,” he added. He also denied allegations of a hidden agenda behind the fact that the MQM was supporting him. “There is no agenda behind us. Our agenda is ahead of us… Our agenda is January 14; our agenda is the elimination of feudalism and capitalism.” He observed, “We want a caretaker government which is totally impartial, powerful and honest and possesses the courage and the political will to bring electoral reforms.” He dispelled rumours that he initiated the movement to pave way for becoming the caretaker prime minister. He said that his party wants elections to be contested between people who are declared eligible by the Constitution. “I want to tell the national institutions of Pakistan and the 180 million people: we do not deny politics. This address is for the sake of restoration of clean politics.” Earlier during the day, Qadri visited MQM headquarters Nine-Zero, where he met with the party’s coordination committee. Qadri also spoke to Altaf on the phone during his visit to Nine-Zero. Qadri, who returned to Pakistan after a five-year-stay in Britain, has set a three-week deadline for the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government for electoral reforms, or face a “million-man march” on January 14. The deadline was announced in a huge rally arranged in Lahore on December 23.

Source : http://www.zimbio.com/Pakistan/articles/hgZ4gsW6BsW/Tahirul+Qadir+vows+make+world+largest+Tehrir