Regardless of anything

Irrespective of who sent Dr Tahirul Qadri to Pakistan, regardless of who is funding him, regardless of all analyses and mudslinging on his past statements or personal character or beliefs or thoughts, Dr Tahirul Qadri has woken us up from slumber where our politicians and rulers have kept us till now. The 65-year-old man has single-handedly created a storm in this frozen world of Pakistan. All politicians, no matter their affiliation and belonging, must honourably pack their bags and get out of Pakistan following their jester leader, Raisani.

The people of Pakistan have had enough. We are sick of this novel ways of lack of governance. We are sick of rhetoric of democracy and new slogans like ‘khappay’ and ‘reconciliation’ and ‘tolerance’ etc. I also agree that the failure of government is not the failure of democracy. Before the storm of these public awakening drowns these rulers and future rulers, they should call it quits and go to their palaces in Dubai and France or wherever. I don’t think they will get a chance to escape once they get caught in the wave of this storm of unarmed common men in streets.

My advice is for media also to start speaking the truth for once and stop their verbal skills of twisting statements and words. The champions of change may also note that change does not come with words and slogans; it comes with doing something.


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