They should leave

My heart sinks when I see Pakistan in deplorable condition. Quetta attacks, Karachi target killings and Swat killings scare me to death. I see depression on everyone’s face. It really saddens me when people are paranoid in their surroundings, judiciary present but no justice and laws are made but no one is accountable. It’s not just about Shahzeb’s murder or Quetta attacks; it’s about us.

We all know that we need a change in government. There are gas and petrol shortages. The politicians would keep piling money and involved in corruption as long as even a single person is alive in the country.

The appearance of Dr Tahirul Qadri should really be an awkward situation He returns after years and calls for a “long march”. What is the point of his long march? Once he gets his share of the government, what would happen then? There was a time when we used to get off from schools and universities only on 23 March or 14 August. But now we get deays off for long marches.

We should rise and stop Qadri from his foolish act of long march. The youth must be focused more on their careers. These politicians cannot do anything good by us, we have to do it ourselves.

Seriously, if they all wanted a prosperous country like they say in their speeches, they should step down and let the army or the judiciary decide what to do. I stand for justice as a true patriot and one who has been going through all the miseries the country has seen.


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