Rulers’ indifference to people’s problems regrettable: Dr Raheeq Abbasi

Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi, President of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, has said that the country is facing uncertainty and the people were taking to the streets to get their demands accepted as no other way was available to them. He said that the entire nation was paranoid due to bomb blasts, target killings and shedding of blood. He said that the prices of items of daily use had skyrocketed while the scourge of load-shedding during winter had made life hell.

Dr Abbasi said that it had become next to impossible for a common to make his both ends meet in this environment of huge inflation. He said that the ruling elite was not concerned with the plight of the people who were going down deep into abyss of dearness and terrorized life. He said that the people were counting the days of the government in power and looked forward to its demise.

PAT President said that the country had come to this pass because of incompetence of those elected as a result of fraudulent electoral system. He said that the country’s economic growth touched all time low with the businessmen relocating their enterprises abroad in other countries. He said that other regional countries such as Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka had better GDP growth rates than Pakistan. He said that our plight was worsening because those entrusted with responsibilities of governing the country were busy perpetuating their stay in power by hook or crook.