PAT for strong anti-terrorism strategy

Expressing his grave concern on the worsening law and order situation in Karachi, Dr Raheeq Abbasi, President of Pakistan Awami Tehreek, has said that the city, once known for its grandeur and lights, has been turned into a city of darkness. He said that Karachi was burning from inside out. There were cries of people for action as human blood was being shed with abandon. He said that the powers that be were not being moved as the city was descending into more chaos with every passing day. He said that no day passed without the activities of arson, violence and target killing did not occur in the city. He said that burying the dead bodies of their dear and near ones had become the fate of Karachites.

PAT President said that it was unfortunate that the vested interest were turning a deaf ear to the raging problems of the people, adding that they were only interested in devising ways and means to lengthen their stay in power to accumulate as much benefits as they could. He said that the issue of terrorism and extremism had become extremely dreadful and threatened the country’s security, integrity and stability. He said that unless a clear strategy was evolved to root out this cancer, the entire body politic would become gangrenous.

Dr Abbasi said that there was a need of working out a national anti-terror strategy with the input of all stakeholders. He further said that unless those involved in heinous crimes against humanity were brought to book and made an example of, deterrence would fail to produce result and stem the deteriorating situation. He said that it was about time that politics of expediency was shunned and national interests were kept supreme while dealing with threats posed to national security.