The Express Tribune: Tahirul Qadri slams 'political dictatorship'

LAHORE: Pakistan Awami Tehreek leader Dr Tahirul Qadri once again lambasted the PML-N led government for its business policies – especially the money whitening schemes announced by Nawaz Sharif – in a large protest rally against inflation in Lahore on Sunday, Express News reported.

Supporters of Tahirul Qadri thronged Nasir Bagh to participate in the rally against corruption, unrest, unemployment.

Thousands of people gathered, waving their party flags on party songs as their leader slammed multiple government policies.

Qadri did not participate in the protest but instead addressed participants through a video link. A number of LEDs were installed at the venue for his address.

He said the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam had founded the nation on the basis of equality for everyone, but the state was being exploited for the benefit of a mere 100-200 families. He termed the existing democratic setup a “political dictatorship”.

“Exactly how many families in Pakistan possess Rs50 billion rupees?,” he demanded, referring to PM’s amnesty scheme which promises zero scrutiny for anyone interested in investing in the country’s industry.

He went on to criticize other areas of national policy, reiterating that the interests of the elite class were being facilitated at the expense of the masses.

“We want neither extremisim nor ‘mullahism’ but empowerment for the common man,” Qadri said.

Dr Hussain Mohiudin Qadri, the son of Dr Tahirul Qadri also addressed the rally and condemned the government for its failure to control price hike, corruption, unemployment and terrorism.

He said they would continue their struggle till a “true revolution” takes place.