Inquiry Tribunal powerless, no justice expected: MQI Spokesperson

Commenting on a statement regarding issuance of final notice to MQI by the Inquiry Tribunal probing the Model Town tragedy, a spokesperson of Minhaj-ul-Quran International has asked how it could join one-sided proceedings of a tribunal whose FIR was registered by killer and accused police and the families of the martyrs have been going from pillar to post for registration for their FIR. He said that how could a tribunal that did not have the power to identify and determine killers be expected to deliver justice? He added that unless real characters involved in this gory drama of mayhem and bloodshed were removed from their powerful position, it was futile to expect any justice.

The Spokesperson further said that the Prime Minister was the actual mastermind of the incident and the script was played on the orders of the Chief Minister Punjab when the hundreds of police officials including elite force opened indiscriminate firing on the innocent and unarmed civilians on June 17. He said that the Chief Minister tried to hoodwink the people by sending Rana Sanaullah for a brief honeymoon.

Citing preconditions for joining inquiry, the Spokesperson made it clear that unless the Chief Minister resigned from his position, the entire chain of command from IG Police to SHO was sent home, the affected families’ FIR was registered, and an impartial, and independent Commission consisting of the undisputed, fair-minded and bipartisan judges of the Supreme Court was constituted, there was no point in joining the judicial commission set up by the killers. He said that MQI subscribed to the same view which was unanimously expressed by all religious and political parties that attended APC on June 29.