2nd Day of Sister's Itikaf 2007

By the Grace of Allah SWT, and the Wasila of the Holy prophet PBUH, the 2nd day of sister’s I’tikaf was successfully started with the setteled routine of Tahajjud prayer at 3.15am.

Thousands of Motakifaat were woken in the early hours of the morning even though they only slept for one and a half hours due to the late night lecture of Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam finishing at 1.45 am at night. Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam delivered very special lecture on “Tassawuf” on this special event of I’tikaaf 2007. On the first night he highlighted the personality and practices of “Hazrat Fuzail bin Ayyaz RA” who was a great Sufi Saint.

Then in morning, all the attendants of I’tikaaf gathered in the huge central conference area where a very beautiful Mehfil e Naat was conducted by students of the Minhaj College for Women Pakistan. The sister’s all then took their Sehri, and offered their Fajar prayer, followed by continuation of their wazaif, recitation of Qur’an and then offered the prayer of Chaasht.

The sister’s were then allowed to rest in their rooms before convening in the central conference area for Salaat us Tasbeeh at sharp 8.30.

Then all of the sisters in the I’tikaf attended their training Halaaqas (Classes). Mualimaat (teachers) taught them all the very shining principles of Neatness expounded by Islam. They taught that how to do Wudu correctly, the etiquettes of neatness, the basic methodology of Islam to ensure cleanliness and tidiness necessary to begin the pray of Allah. The Central Women League has designed in booklet containing all of these aspects which is available for all to read.

Then all of the attendants went back to their rooms for preparing themselves for Jumah prayer.

Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam’s lecture at Juma.

Huzoor Shaykh-ul-Islam delivered a wonderful speech on Iraadat, Tassawuf, Peer e kamil and told that who is a Murshid e kamil?

Women league’s sitting with sisters belonging to MODEL CITIES.

At 3.45pm, the Central Women League Sisters, Farah Naz, Razia Shaheen, Sumera Aslam met sisters belonging to the ‘model cities of Pakistan’ (12 cities that have been chosen to try and work towards ensuring a model of Islamic Values, as declared by Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam). They heard their problems of workings in their areas and suggested their solutions.

Meeting with Mualimaat.

Sister Razia Shaheen (central director Tanzimaat, Head of Training matters I’tikaaf 2007) met Mualimaat of I’tikaaf and discussed their Halaqa jaat with them. She also divided the forms to collect data from their Halaqa jaat, having many categories of women in I’tikaaf 2007.

Head of I’tikaf visited Ayesha Hall.

Mrs. Farah Naz (Director Women league, Head of women I’tikaaf Camp) visited Ayesha Hall along with her team. As all the camp is divided into large areas of accommodation, administration teams visit each camp after very small intervals of time, when and where it is needed. But this team specifically visited each and every room to meet the sisters there directly to ensure they had no problems.

Iftaar with the administrative team of Rabia Hall.

Women League’s Central team is arranging daily Iftaar dinners with the administrative teams of each and every Halls of the Sister’s in I’tikaf to appreciate all of the sisters working for the guests in this great I’tikaaf. No doubt these all sisters are working extremely hard to make all things run smoothly controlling thousands of women.

So on 22nd Ramadan ul Mubarik, the Women League Central Team met teams of Rabia Hall at Iftaar where all unanimously agreed that they had been honoured by being given the opportunity to work sincerely for the guests of Allah and Rasool Ullah SAW.

After Iftar, Maghrib Prayer, Esha and Tarawih prayer, Hazoor Shaykh-ul-Islam is currently giving his second lecture of the day.

See tommorrow’s report for Day Three I’tikaf 2007

Reported by: Rabia Urooj

Sisters halaqah / mualiamat classes

Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam’s lecture at Juma

Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam’s lecture at Juma

Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam’s lecture at Juma

Huzoor Shaykh ul Islam’s lecture at Juma

Sisters halaqah / mualiamat classes

Sisters halaqah / mualiamat classes

Sisters halaqah / mualiamat classes

Sisters halaqah / mualiamat classes