3rd Day of Sister's I'tikaf -2007

With the Grace of Allah Almighty and the wasila of the Holy Prophet ( PBUH) the third day was also a very successful and special day.

Shab bedaari in the city of I’tikaaf.

The third day began in fact on the night of 23rd Ramadan where a very beautiful Mehfil e Naat was conducted on the brother’s side of I’tikaaf, which was transmitted live to the sister’s I’tikaf camp. Huzoor Shaykh- ul Islam delivered a very inspiring lecture on the introduction, practices and mottos of HAZRAT ZUNOON MISRI (RA) a great sufi saint. Huzoor Shaykh- ul- Islam delivered a beautiful lecture on Tassawuf and of the great Sufis in the history of Islam with particular emphasis on Hazrat Zunoon Misri (RA)who was a shining light in the History of Sufi-ism.

A very beautiful Mehfil e Naat was then conducted by the famous presenter of QTV Sahibzada Tasleem Sabri . The Minhaj Naat Councils of the Shariah Colleges and many other famous Naat Khawaan made the Mehfil a truly spiritually inspiring event. It became a symbol of love for the beloved prophet PBUH and hundreds of sisters shed many rears as they listened to the beautiful nasheeds.

The Mehfil continued for the whole night in the company of Huzoor Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri who made beautiful amendments to the poetry being recited making all that very loved for Holy Prophet PBUH.

The sisters then all performed wudu and stood before Allah Almighty, during the very special time of Tahajjud when Allah (SWT) is closest to His people.

Sisters offered their Tahajjud and took their sehri meal. Then after their Fajar prayer, all of the sisters rested since they had been up the entire night during the mehfil.

Collective lecture for Women Attendants.

At sharp 10.00, immediately after Salaat us Tasbeeh, sister Saba Fatima Mash-hadi gave a collective lecture on “Sayyida Kainaat, Hazrat Fatima Tuz Zahra SA”. That lecture had a magical effect on the sister’s there. They all appreciated the importance of the the Faiz of SAYYADA KAINAAT SA. The sisters came to know about their responsibilities as a woman, as a mother, as a daughter and as a wife. They received key points about how to lead a very successful life in this society.

Then Halaqa jaat were proceeded right at 11.30.

Meeting with Women league sisters.

Miss Razia Shaheen (Central director Tanzimaat) and Sumera Aslam ( co-director Tanzimaat) met sisters from Murid k, Wazirabad, Kamonki, and Saraeyalamgir. They met and all the organizational problems of these sisters and suggested them the solutions.

Meeting with the Students.

Rabia Urooj Malik (central students convener) and Mrs. Perveen Mustafavi ( Senior Women League Sister) met regular students in the Women I’tikaf camp. There was an introductory sitting with the students about their introductions and fields. All these student sisters were excited, wanting more guidance about their practical and student life.

Then the Asar prayer was offered. After individual Wazaif and recitation, administrative teams distributed the Iftaar. Sisters offered their Ishaa prayer collectively.

By Rabia Urooj Malik