Central Women Itikaf 2007

By the grace of Allah and the Waseela of Holy Prophet PBUH, the city of I’tikaaf is really the symbol of a great collective effort for the training of Muslims at the center of Minhaj ul Qur’an International, under the world leading and shining personality of Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. Thousands of men and women come here only for the will of Allah (SWT) and Rasoolullah (SAW), and to learn the real thoughts of Islam. Since the attendants are in their thousands, hey are administered and served by a very large panel of managers and very large operating teams to make this I’tikaaf successful. These are some of the teams which makes this world’s biggest I’tikaaf after Holy places of Makkah Shareef and Madinah Shareef a successful event.

Central Committee

  • Head
  • Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz (Head I’tikaaf 2007)
  • CO-Coordinator for External Matters
  • Dr. Tanveer Azam Sindhu
  • Head Women I’tikaf
  • Mrs. Farah Naz
  • Co-Head
  • Mrs. Shamim Khan, Mrs. Tayyaba Tahira
  • Secretary
  • Bushra Riaz
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Shazia Shaheen
  • Members
  • Heads of All committees and Heads of all areas of accommodation of Women I’tikaf.


    • Zainab Hall (Boys Hostel Building)
    • Rabia Hall (Minhaj University Building)
    • Khadijah Hall (Girls Hostel Building)
    • Fatima Hall (Girls College Building)
    • Ayesha Hall (Model School Building)
    • Tents (part of that building in which tenting is made)

    Other than all these areas of accommodation, Women I’tikaaf Camp has many washrooms, Wudu areas having Taps, a very Wast Pindaal (Collective Place for the purposes of prayers, lectures and Mehfil), Three Canteens in the whole area, Central Control Room, Control rooms of each Hall, Other administration places, Sale center, Hijaab House etc.


    All the areas of accommodation include dispensaries working for 24 hours to provide medical aid at any instant. Dispensaries here are served by the very qualified doctors, working voluntarily like Dr. Aneeqa Hashmi (Fatima Memorial Hospital) and Dr. Nagina Zubair (Jinnah Hospital Lahore) along with the other doctors forming a team.

    Zainab Hall.

    Designation 1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor
    Head samina saleem Shaista tasneem Uzma Siddique
    Secretary TabasumYasmeen Hira Khan Aatiqqa Junaid
    Incharge Cleanliness Humera Anwar Hina Khaqaan Samina Rehman
    Incharge Allotment Aneela Nisar Hafiza Samina Musarat Jabeen
    Incharge Halaqa jaat Shahida Haq Zahra tufail Ismat Bibi
    Incharge Meeting Anam Sarfaraz Saima Sadaf Nabila Munir
    Incharge medical Marina Khan Hina Khaqaaz Sara Sayyad

    Rabia Hall

    Designation 1st floor 2nd floor
    Head Ghulam Ayesha Maroofa Naz
    Secretary Irsa Khan Sadia Tabasum
    Incharge Cleanliness Hafiza Rashaida Humera Akram
    Incharge Allotment Zahra Tufail Shumaila Tufail
    Incharge Halaqa jaat zunaira Zaka ullah Razia Jamshed
    Incharge Meetings Zahida Raza Amina Shabir
    Incharge Medical Sara Nasir Samina Liyaqat

    Khadijah Hall

    Designation 1st floor 2nd floor
    Head Shazia butt Asma Manzoor
    Secretary Malika Saba Shama Khaqaan
    Incharge Cleanliness Fozia Aslam Maryam Sultan
    Incharge Allotment Kanwal Shehzadi Sidra Waheed
    Incharge Halaqa jaat Humera Javed Huma Bibi
    Incharge Meetings Seher Khan Fozia Aslam
    Incharge Medical Shahana Kiran Amina Safda

    Rabia Hall

    Head Asifa Safdar
    Secretary Tayba Kausar
    Incharge Cleanliness Sundas Gulzaar
    Incharge Allotment Sumera Perveen
    Incharge Halaqa jaat Zobia Hanif
    Incharge Meetings Sundas Sana
    Incharge Medical Samia Aslam

    Ayesha Hall

    Head Juveria Hassan
    Secretary Shama Mushtaq
    Incharge Cleanliness Shumaila Abbaas
    Incharge Allotment Shakila Riaz
    Incharge Halaqa jaat Hajira Arif
    Incharge Meetings Memoona Zafar
    Incharge Medical Maria Siddiqi

    Committee for organizational and Training Matters

    Head Razia Shaheen
    Co-head Fozia Shaukat
    Members Rafia Ali, Fatima Mashadi, Farida Sajjad, Perveen Malik, Sumera Khalqi, Rabia Urooj Malik, Shazia Shaheen.

    Halaqa jaat committee

    Head Razia Shaheen
    Co-head Nabeela Javed
    Secretary Kahdijah Fatima
    Members Rafia Ali, Fatima Mashadi, Farida Sajjad, Perveen Malik, Sumera Khalqi, Rabia Urooj Malik, Shazia Shaheen.

    Mehfil e Naat-o-Zikr Committee

    Head Shazia Mazhar
    Co-head Kulsoom Tariq
    Secretary Rubina Khaki
    Members Rubina Khaki, Shabina Majida, Fariha Siraj, Rashida Iftakhar, Minhaj Naat councils.

    Reception Committee


    Fozia Shaukat

    Co-head Sumera Khalqi
    Members Razia Shaheen, Rabia Urooj Malik, Shaista Tasneem, Kahdijah Fatima, Shazia Shaheen, Uzma Siddique, Nabeela javed.

    Allotment Committee

    Head Shazia Butt

    Asma Manzoor

    Members Students Girls College

    Record Maintaining Committee

    Head Aliya Liaqat
    Co-head Maroofa Naz
    Secretary Kishwar Shaheen
    Members Fozia Shafique, Fozia Mehmood, Rehana Tariq, Sumera Rafaqat.

    Medical Aid Committee

    Head Madam Fazal Jaan

    Each hall contains its own medical committee along with the dispensary and Doctors.

    Sale center Committee

    Head Rakhshanda Jabeen
    Secretary Maryam, Students Girls College.

    Media Committee

    Rabia Urooj Malik

    VIP Committee

    Head Rafia Ali
    Co-head Dr. Noshaba Hameed
    Members Fatima Mashadi, Alia Liaqat, Alia Sadded.

    Security Committee

    Head Tauqeer Ahmad Sindhu
    Co-head Farah
    Secretary Samia Bibi
    Members Aunty Ghulam Zahra, sisters from Field.

    Sound system Committee

    Head Fozia Shafiq
    Secretary President Bazm e Minhaj Girls College.

    Discipline Committee

    Head Sumera Rafaqat
    Co-Head Zahra Noori

    Decoration Committee

    Head Rabia Urooj Malik
    Secretary Abida Naseem

    There are also many more other teams here in I’TIKAAF such as cooks, sweepers, Food Distribution Teams, Drivers, Ambulances, Canteen members and hundreds of other sisters making I’tikaf run very smoothly and Successfully.

    Halaq jaat

    Many Qualified Teachers from all over Pakistan offered their special services to teach the attendants of I’tikaaf. A special and specific syllabus was formed by Minhaj ul Qur’an Women League for I’tikaaf according to requirements. The syllabus was posted to sisters in all of the field all over Pakistan, to allow them to be prepared fully for their lectures. This syllabus contained selected verses from Holy Qur’an an their interpretation, Hadiths from Minhaj us Sawwi along with the interpretation and many other Booklets were formed regarding matters of Prayer, Fasting and daily matters.

    Teachers of Halaqa jaat

    Teachers from all over Pakistan are as below;

    • Fariha Khan (Faisalabad)
    • Mrs. Gul e Firdous (Gujraat)
    • Mrs. Rafia Ali (Lahore)
    • Sayyada Nazia Mazhar (Jehlam)
    • Naheeda Rafiqua (Rawalpindi)
    • Sajida Muazafar (Lahore)
    • Farah Rehan (Deena)
    • Safoora Bibi (Fateh Jhang)
    • Shumaila Khalqi (Faisal abad)
    • Dr. Naila Yaqoob (Fateh Jhang)
    • Mrs. Shamshad Qadri (Lodhraan)
    • Ruqqaya Nazir (Gujraat)
    • Uzma Siddiqe (Lahore)
    • Mubashira Mubeen (Lahore)
    • Iffat Waheed (Lahore)
    • Ayesha Irshad (Lahore)
    • Mrs. Farah Iqbal (Lahore)
    • Mrs. Maryam Tanveer (Lahore)
    • Atiya Hayder (Gujranwala)
    • Aqsa Qadri (Kharian)
    • Mrs. Ayesha Shabir (Lahore)
    • Samina Yasmin (Lodhraan)
    • Gulshan |Irshad (Wazir abad)
    • Tahira Firdous (Lahore)
    • Saima Izzat Baig (Kamonki)
    • Shagufta Yasmeen (Shakarghar)
    • Mrs. Nureed Fatima (Lahore)
    • Mrs. Fozia Shafiq (Lahore)
    • Samina Kausar (Deena)
    • Shenaaz Akhtar (Booraywala)
    • Rahila Kausar (Mandibahaud din)
    • Shakila Kausar (Jaranwala)
    • Sayyada Shazia Mazhar (Jehlum)
    • Sayyad Sidra Gillani (Gujranwala)
    • Rafia Urooj Malik (Chakwal)
    • Nasira Mehmood (Lahore)
    • Ayesha Hussain (Kamalia)
    • Saadia Almaas (Lahore)
    • Riffat Tahira (Gujranwala)

    Collective lectures.

    Five collective lectures are delivered to all attendant women on miscellaneous topics including Briefing about I’tikaaf. These lectures were delivered by the most senior personalities in Women League. The main purpose was to have the same effect and results from all the attendants.

    Collective prayers.

    Taraveeh Prayer and Tasbeeh Prayer is offered collectively in I’tikaaf and leaded by an Imam. Taraveeh prayer is leaded by Imams from Minhaj Tehfiz ul Qur’an Institute. Tasbeeh prayer is usually leaded by an HAFIZA from Girls College.

    May Allah Almighty bless all by his will and the will of His beloved PBUH, accept all these efforts and Give all sisters Istaqamat for this great Mission e Mustafwi.

    By Rabia Urooj Malik