ARY News: Qadri reveals vision for Pakistan at Minar-e-Pakistan

Lahore: The leader of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Dr. Tahir ul Qadri said that revolution needs vote, support and ‘Note’ (money) while addressing yet another jam packed rally at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore today. Qadri vows unstinting support for Ary News in case of ban and against government pressure, Ary News reported.

Thousands gathered in Lahore while Qadri revealed his post-revolution vision for Pakistan.

He said that the death of PAT workers in Lahore and at Islamabad long march gave live to the conscience of the entire nation. “More or less a million people are present here today support those who were martyred in Model Town.”

Dr. Qadri negated all the rumours about striking a deal with the government over model town tragedy and reiterated that “we won’t allow anyone to become Raymond Davis, we won’t settle for anything less than Qisas.”

He congratulated Chudhary Shujaat of PML-Q, Raja Nasir Abbas of MWM and the entire organization of PAT for organizing such a massive gathering in Lahore. He dubbed the rally as a referendum against Sharif Government.

Quoting a newspaper Qadri alleged that the tear gas shells that were used in Islamabad against PAT workers were poisonous and were imported from Calcutta, India.

Qadri stated that Metro Bus was made in 50 billion rupees and this amount was enough to provide clean drinking water to entire Punjab. He said that only Quid-e-Azamism can change the faith of Pakistan.

He added that peace in the country is necessary to bring foreign investment in Pakistan. Giving his vision he said that tourism can be used to earn precious foreign revenue.

Taking about the demographics Dr. Qadri said that Pakistan is the 6th most populated country in the world and creates enormous potential for foreign investments, younger population in Pakistan can provide human resources to the world. He said that our engineers and scientist have the potential that is at par with the world and if patronized properly they can be used to develop Pakistan scientifically.

He promised that after the revolution, Pakistan would join international platforms such as G20, and BRICS. (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)

He pledged that electricity will reach to every nook and corner of Pakistan within two to three years after revolution.

According to NTDA (National Transport and Dispatch Company ltd) the demand of electricity would soar up to 35000MW per day in 2017, Qadri disclosed.

He further said that new administrative units shall be made across Pakistan and seven new provinces shall be made in Punjab. Giving the solution to the energy crisis Qadri said that Solar energy, wind turbines, micro hydro-projects, tidal energy, geothermal resources, Bio-fuel, solar-thermal energy, Bio-Mass and various other ways would be incorporated to achieve self-reliance in the energy sector.

He alleged that it is because of the present ruling junta that over 800 million people are below the poverty line today.

The health budget of Afghanistan is 8.7% of the GDP, Uganda and Nigeria spend 8 and 6% of their GDP on health care, where as Pakistan spends only 1.5 % of the GDP on public healthcare, claims the patron of PAT.

“Pakistan cannot sustain these leaders” Qadri said while taking about Nawaz Government.

Talking about the depleting law and order situation in the country Qadri condemned the robbery in Edhi center Karachi, today.

He said that electronic and print media played a vital role in creating awareness and exposing the corrupt politicians in Pakistan.

PEMRA was also taken to task by Qadri who pointed out that till to date there is no permanent chairman of the institution, despite clear instructions from high court, the acting chairman PEMRA is a retired policeman, said Qadri.

Qadri openly condemned any conspiracies and action taken against Ary News and Mubashir Lucman by the present government. He said that PAT would protest throughout Pakistan if ban is imposed on Ary News.

He vowed to stick with his demands of national government and electoral reforms and said that “if elections are imposed upon us, we would contest it with full swing.”


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