PAT expresses concern on Rana Sanaullah’s participation in a high-level meeting

A Spokesman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) has expressed his serious reservations and concern on the attendance of a high-level meeting by former Law Minister Rana Sanaullah which was held to discuss law and order situation in the province with the Punjab Chief Minister in the chair. He said that making the former minister attend a meeting who was removed from his position as a result of lawlessness in the wake of Model Town incident is an act of lawlessness in itself.

The Spokesman said that Rana Sanaullah is one of the principal characters involved in the Model Town incident, adding that by inviting him to attend a meeting on law and order and making him sit beside him, the Chief Minister has added insult to injury of the bereaved families of 14 martyrs and the injured. He said that it is ironic that those involved in spreading lawlessness and breeching sanctity of law have the gall to discuss law and order in the province. The PAT Spokesman made it clear that each drop of blood shed on the fateful day of June will be avenged through law and courts.