Kot Radha Kistan tragedy a matter of national shame: PAT

Those who have are responsible for Kot Radha Kishan tragedy should be brought to justice and meted out exemplary punishments under the law of the land. Their act of burning a Christian couple alive has brought a bad name to Pakistan, Islam and humanity making the people of Pakistan hang their heads in shame and embarrassment. The Punjab government has yet to fulfill its promise of aid to the aggrieved family which it had announced following the horrible incident.

PAT Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur expressed these views while talking to bereaved family of Christian couple in Clarkabad (Kot Radha Kishan, Kasur). PAT leader visited the affected family to express his sympathy with them over the agonizing incident at the head of a delegation. He was accompanied by central and local PAT leadership from Kasur and Kot Radha Kishan during his visit that included Chaudhry Riasat Ali, Sohail Ahmad Raza, Muhammad Ali Shah, Muhammad Yousaf Arain, Shabbir Asif, Sajid Ahmad Hashmi, Hamid Saeed Qadri, Tayyab Afzal, Mian Muhammad Hassan, Niaz Ahmad Chishti, Dr Adnan Ahmad, Dr Ijaz-ul-Hassan, Khalid Mahmood, Malik Iqbal, Dr Akram, Abdus Sattar Mughal, Abdul Hafeez Kamboh, Mustafa Qadri, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan and Iftikhar-ul-Hassan.