Delegation of Asia Link Network Visits the Head Office of Minhaj ul Quran International

A delegation of 11 youth members of Asia Link Network U.K visited the Head Office of Minhaj ul Quran. The delegation was lead by a well known personality Lord Shauqat from London. The 11 youth members of the delegation were all from U.K but belonged to different countries backgrounds and religions. During their visit they were briefed by the director Foreign Affairs Mr. Dawood Mash'hadi about the aims and objectives of Minhaj ul Quran in Pakistan and out of Pakistan. Nazim e Ala Dr Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi, Principal Sec of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri, Mr. G.M.Malik conducted a workshop about the activities of Minhaj ul Quran International along with its achievements nationally and internationally. The delegation also visited The Minhaj University, Minhaj Education Society and exchanged its views about the education system in both the countries.