PAT asks Punjab government 9 questions

  • Why Chief Minister has not given the policy statement on the floor of the house during the current session?

PAT has asked the government of Punjab nine questions. The questions raised by the party are as follows:

  1. Why has the issue of terrorism and law and order not been taken up for debate in the ongoing session of provincial assembly despite being on the agenda?
  2. The country is in a state of war. Why has the Punjab Chief Minister not given a policy statement in this regard on the floor of the House?
  3. Why are legislators not attending the current session of 371-member strong provincial assembly in requisite number, the majority of which belong to ruling party? Why are quorums broken again and again?
  4. Why has Punjab assembly not let a resolution be adopted declaring war against terrorism as Pakistan’s own war?
  5. Why does the Speaker of the provincial assembly not allow the legislators to speak on the issue of terrorism?
  6. The intelligence agencies have identified more than 14000 religious seminaries whose record is not available with the government of Punjab. Why is the Chief Minister not answering this question?
  7. There are 10,000 such schools in Punjab as do not have boundary walls and central gates. Why is the Punjab government reluctant to release funds, already allocated for the said purpose, for construction of these walls?
  8. What is meant by the statement given by provincial minister Rana Mash’hood at the behest of the Chief Minister regarding establishment of a force against terrorism consisting of the youth? Is the PML-N going to establish private armed groups yet again?
  9. Why did the Punjab government withdraw its written application for detention of Malik Ishaq?

Speaking on the occasion, Khurram Nawaz Gandapur said that whether the Chief Minister suffers from fear or political expediency deserves to be explained. He asked the Punjab government to answer above-mentioned nine questions, failing which the people will be forced to think that the rulers are adopting the policy of double-speak to perpetuate their power. He said that the Punjab Chief Minister should talk concretely, honestly and comprehensively instead of resorting to dilly-dallying. He said that he should give the policy statement of his government against terrorism on the floor of the House without further loss of time.