Dr Tahir ul Qadri forewarns army that political drama being created on formation of military courts

LAHORE: [30-12-14] The Chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Dr. Tahir ul Qadri while talking from the PAT media office in Houston has said that he is intimating the Pakistan Army beforehand that all the parties who had agreed to forming military court in the All Parties Conference will now play politics on the issue and create a drama for their own political means.

The statement was released by the Lahore media office of PAT. Dr. Tahirul Qadri said that if the present law, police and anti terrorist courts were providing relief in terrorism cases than there was no need for military courts and it seems that the present rulers are themselves not sincere on the issue and must keep a clear mind and must stop their allies from issuing statements against the military courts. He said these allies are a mouth piece of the government and when the government does not have courage to say something in the open itself it asks its allies to say before the media.

The PAT chief said that the world nations did not care about their country laws and considered the fight against terrorism their own war and made a collective front to fight it. He said they left behind democratic norms national, International law and made decisions in the right direction to fight terrorism. He said if our law were not supportive of such terrorists we would never have come to this point. He said what we need is a joint strategy with a strong will, commitment and nerves of steel and fight with a clear conscious which this government lacks as the reigns of the government are in the hands of fish in a bowl and frogs in a well and cannot see beyond their own nose and are not farsighted.

Dr. Tahirul Qadri said that those who say that there is no provision of military courts in the constitution, they should tell the world that is killing innocent persons and plundering the national wealth allowed in the constitution? Is telling blatant lies on the floor of the National Assembly and stealing the peoples mandate allowed in the constitution? He said that if the constitution does not allow forming military courts than amendments should be made in the constitution accordingly as nobody is stopping them from doing so.

Dr. Tahirul Qadri said that we have many examples where amendments in the constitution have been made in the blink of an eye and nobody ever objected, than why this drama is being created now. He said that PAT is the only political party which has worked the most for the elimination of terrorism and has given concrete directions in this regard. He said that in January PAT will make a major announcement for long-lasting peace in the country.