PAT releases fact finding report of one year performance of federal government

  • Govt has shown criminal negligence, could not answer on 5 important national issues

LAHORE: [31-12-14] The Pakistan Awami Tehreek has issued a fact finding report on the one year performance of the federal government and has termed the performance of the federal government as depressing and far below average.

According to fact finding report that five issues of national interest, constitutional and public issues, load shedding, local bodies elections, complaints on rigging in elections, free and fair investigation of the Model Town incident and terrorism the federal government did not move an inch forward and has shown criminal negligence.

The report said that the Peshawar school carnage was the worst case of terrorism in the history of the country. It said this issue shook not only the country but it also shook the whole world and despite the passing of 16 days the federal government has failed to show any development on the case. The icing on the cake is that all the issues agreed during the All Parties Conference are also being ignored due to the incompetence of the rulers and have fell victim to the lack of confidence of the rulers which is a serious dent to the national confidence.

The date of presidential ordinance on hangings of criminals had expired on 30 October 2013 and the government violated the court orders on the issue without issuing any new ordinance of any executive order. Uncertainty and chaos prevailed in the country but the prime minister ignored all this and went on 14 foreign tours and attended the federal cabinet meetings only four time. The floor of the House of the National Assembly was used against the armed forces of the country and became part of the negative propaganda against the prime intelligence agency, ISI, of the country. The federal government could not keep a clean chit on corruption and could not give satisfactory answers on the Rs 500 billion circular debt and the Nandipur Power project. The cabinet did take notice of the corruption in the Nandipur Power Project, but the investigation report on the issue has never seen the light of the day and has not been made public.

Millions of the citizen of the country were deprived of their hard earned cash under the guise of over billing in the electricity bills and despite the announcement of the prime minister for remedial measures nothing has been done to date and no money has been returned to the consumers. The report prepared under the guidance of central president Dr Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi and secretary PAT Khurram Nawaz Gandapur.

According to the performance report the year 2014 was particularly strict on the political workers and political leaders. Terrorism cases were framed against Dr. Tahirul Qadri and Imran Khan and extreme measures were taken by the government to suppress their voice. The peaceful rallies and demonstrations organized by PAT and PTI were fired upon in front to the national parliament, blood was split and the sanctity of the House was upsurged. The leaders of PAT and over 25,000 workers were kept in illegal confinement and over 200 false cases were filed against them, which reminded the people of the times of martial law.

The report said that the PM leveled false allegations against the Army Chief on the floor of the House which was a shameful act recorded in our history. The federal government failed to issue any guideline to the provincial government to control the law and order situation and to control the rising prices and high inflation which is the worst example of bad governance.

The report says that the federal government failed to frame any new law to control the rising trend of terrorism and failed to frame new law in the national interest. Due to the government negligence over 380 bomb blasts took place in 2014 in which 837 people were martyred and 2200 were injured. These incidents include the Peshawar and Wagha incidents.

The report says that 2014 was the most poisonous for the economy as the government took loans which have reached the heights of 75 billion dollars and loans from national banks touched 1097 billion rupees. On one hand the government continues to take loans while the tax net shrinks due to corruption and incompetence of the rulers.

Pakistan is the only country in the region where poverty continues to rise each year, the report says and adds that in 2014 alone another 62,00,000 people were added to the list of those who live under the poverty line. The government went against its own writ petition filed in the Supreme Court on employment and gave employment to 55, 000 people against the rule of merit and to do this the prime minister obtained a new order just to give employments on political affiliations.

The prime minister’s daughter was removed on the intervention of a court, the year saw railways and PIA further deteriorate and those journalists who were exposing the government’s corruption and mismanagement were made to face government action and the government failed to protect the rights of the journalists’ community. Over a dozen journalists were killed in the year. Due to unnecessary government interference the PIA and Lahore airport gave the look of a thoroughfare.

The report said that the whole nation protested when it came to their knowledge that the government had assured the World Bank that several government institutions would be privatized which included nine power distribution companies, PIA, two government-owned hotels in New York and Paris, several banks. This was revealed in an IMF report released recently. It is feared that the national exchequer would have to face a loss of over five billion dollars if the government goes through with its privatization plans.

Dr Raheeq Abbasi said if government take positive steps for eradication of terrorism PAT will extend its cooperating hand during the process. Rising questions of government performance is basic right of every citizen and PAT will go on presenting truth to the masses.