College of Shariah and Islamic Studies Commences M.Phil Classes

Inauguration for M. Phil Degree (The Minhaj University Lahore)

Tuesday, January 4, 2006.

Minhaj University Lahore`s Faculty of Shariah and Addarasat ul Islamia has launched two extensive study programs i.e. M.Phil in Islamic Studies and M.Phil Arabic. An inauguration ceremony was held at the campus. Chief Executive The Minhaj University Shaykh ul Islam Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri inaugurated the classes by a lecture to the faculty and students. In his lecture, the Chief Executive highlighted the importance of knowledged in Islam by saying that the true art is to learn How to gain knowledge. Shaykh ul Islam also emphasized on including research as integral part of syllabus at college level. He mentioned the importance of internet in perspective of education and research by naming it as 'Global Library.'

Deputy Registrar. Mr. G.M Malik, Principal College of Shariah and Islamic Studies & Dean Faculty of Languages Professor Dr. Zahoor Ahmed Azhar, Nazim e Ala Dr. Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi, Professor Dr. Karamat Ullah, Assistant Professor Dr. Masood Mujahid and many more respected faculty members were present on the occasion.

Initially, 51 students are enrolled in Islamic studies program and 8 students in M.Phil Arabic program. Both the programs are being conducted in the evening hours. Higher class strength is expected in the morning sessions which will start on January 22, 2006.