Lecture on interfaith relations held at COSIS

Sohail Ahmad Raza (MQI Interfaith Relations) lectured students of COSIS on Friday 13th January at 10:00 am PST. The lecture was held at the Seminar Hall of COSIS.

Raza is a senior graduate of COSIS which is the Shariah department of Minhaj University. He is known for his contributions towards representing Dr. Qadri at interfaith moots and establishing relations with various faiths.

Sohail Raza specializes in comparative religions and has toured various countries propagating the peaceful message of Islam. He has also studied at the Vatican and presented the Fatwa on Terrorism to the Pope during his stay.

Sohail Ahmad Raza lectured the students on the dire need to establish relations among various faiths and elaborated on the role of interfaith department of MQI and what it aims for. During his lecture he also emphasized on the new research of Dr. Qadri regarding interfaith “Islam & the people of the Book.” He gave the students a base to work, which will help them develop their skills and enhance their research in this field so that they can render their services towards promotion of peace and interfaith dialogue. The lecture finished with a question and answer session in which students participated with great zeal and zest.