PAT Youth Wing holds seminar on 'Role of Youth for Peace in Pakistan'

  • 67 per cent of the youth lack career counseling facilities

LAHORE: [27-03-15] There is no career counseling or human development programme for the 67 per cent of the youth of the country and if the government says it is doing something than that is a blatant lie.

This was stated by the Chairman Supreme Council Tehreek-e-Minajul Quran Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din while addressing the All Parties Youth Peace Conference organized by the Youth Wing of the Pakistan Awami Thereek here on Friday.

He said that most of the 67 percent youth of the country are involved in mental, depression or other social, economic and other problems only because the government has never planned for their future and they have been left at the mercy of the society which is facing terrorism and several other heinous crimes. Under such circumstances what can a society offer to its youth which itself is facing millions of state-cultured problems, he said and added that all the ruling class have used the youth for their own personal or political reasons. He said fraud schemes are announced which never take off and the youth are left high and dry only to face their uncertain future.

Dr. Hassan Mohi-ud-Din said that the rulers who are screaming on the mysterious finds at Chiniot should tap the massive potentials’ of our youth who should get their due share of attention and resources and should be given a chance in the policy making and framing of the future policies of the country. Instead they have been used for selfish political reasons, he said and added that how can any country in the world think of progress and prosperity without the involvement and energies of its youth. He said with the help of our youth we can become a great nation as the youth are always sincere for the progress of our country.

Different suggestions were given and approved by the All Parties Youth Peace Conference and the PAT Youth Wings was praised for organizing such a successful seminar. The organizer of the seminar was Shoaib Tahir. President PTI Youth Wing Ali Abbas Bokhari, Secretary Punjab Peoples’ Student Federation Musa Khokhar, provincial secretary MWM Asghar Ali Kameli, director Youth Universal Provincial Council Salman Ch, Sikh community representative Ghulab Singh, Hindu representative Randhawa, Youth Wing Punjab Assembly Mudasser Rehan, JI Youth wings Hafiz Mehmood Ahmed also attended the seminar.

A resolution was passed which demanded that a separate wing and mechanisms be formed by the government and 1% of the development budget be allocated for this purpose. Likewise all the provincial assemblies also allocate funds for this purpose. The seminar also demanded to stop brain drainage the government should give stipend equal to the salary of a grade 16 officer to the unemployed educated youth.

The speakers were of the view that the LB polls be held on time so that the youth could be involved in the development of the areas they reside in. A fact sheet was also presented on the bad governance of the Punjab Government by Shoiab Tahir, which said that from 2008 over 95 per cent of the gymnasiums are yet to be completed and the funds that were allocated for this purpose have been spent on the Youth Festival. He said that the biggest joke of the Punjab Governemt is that it spens Rs 30 only on the brain development of the youth of the province. He asked the Punjab CM to tell that how have the billions spent on the laptop and solar lamps schemes improved the level of education in the province.

He said while over 40 per cent of the schools in the province remain without the availability of basic facilities while billions are been spent on useless schemes. He said the performance of the Punjab Education Department is shameful and in the last year this department has failed in every aspect while the government continues to spend on yellow cab schemes and are forcing the educated youth to become drivers instead of using their talent on development of the province. The seminar decided to extend the scope of this seminar to all the divisions of the country so as to ensure that the youth become a part of the development of the country.

Dr. Hassan Mohiuddin Qadri attended the seminar “Role of Youth for Peace in Pakistan" a seminar held by #PAT Youth Wing...

Posted by Dr. Hassan Mohiuddin Qadri on Friday, March 27, 2015