Dr Raheeq Abbasi reaches Lebanon to attend international peace conference on Palestine

PAT President Dr Raheeq Abbasi has reached Beirut (Lebanon) to participate in a three-day international peace conference being held in connection with Palestine. Key world leaders will attend the global moot on Palestine and convey the message of peaceful resolution of the longstanding Palestine dispute to the world. Dr Abbasi will deliver a speech in which he will highlight the imperative of establishing peace in Palestine.

Expressing his views about the visit before his departure, Dr Raheeq Abbasi said that the whole world and the rulers of Islamic world will have to play their individual and collective role for peaceful resolution of the Palestine dispute. He said that unless the world community makes practical efforts for resolution of Palestine dispute, durable peace will not be established. He said that the rulers of the influential Islamic countries should rise above their slavish mentality and vested interests and establish such a multilateral forum where solid policies could be deliberated for restoration of socio-economic independence of the oppressed Muslims. He said that he would stress the more forceful and effective role of OIC, representative forum of the Islamic world for resolution of the disputes involving Muslims during the conference. He said that the UN should also honour its commitment in regard to establishment of durable peace in Palestine.

During his stay, Dr Abbasi will hold important meetings with delegates of the conference in addition to the Palestinian leaders in which matters of mutual interest will come under discussion.