PAT to foil rigging plans of the ruling party: Major (r) Muhammad Saeed

Addressing electoral corner meetings in union council no 180, 222 and 170, Chief Coordinator of PAT and In-charge of electoral campaign in Lahore, Major (r) Muhammad Saeed Rajput has said that we would frustrate the rigging efforts of the candidates of the ruling party in the local government elections. He said that we make this pledge with the nation that we would purge local government institutions of corruption and make them centres of pubic service. He said that the MNAs and MPAs of the ruling party are wandering in the streets with bags full of money aimed at buying votes, adding that announcements of development schemes of worth millions of rupees are being made in the union councils.

The PAT Chief Coordinator said that the government jobs are also being distributed to win undue political favours. He however added in the same breath that the political patronage cannot buy the conscience of the politically aware and morally responsible people. He said that lovers of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri will vote for the candidates of his party. He said that the PAT is the only political party, which issued tickets to the members of the minority communities and its leadership has joined the Christian brothers and sisters in the electoral campaign. He said that Emmanuel Masih is the PAT candidate for slot of vice chairman from UC 177.

Abdul Hameed Khan and Qari Muhammad Shabbir, Mian Hamid Jamil, and Malik Naeem, the PAT candidates of chairman and vice chairman respectively for UC 180 and UC 222 also addressed the corner meeting. PAT will take out big rallies in Wagha and Shalimar town and hold a public meeting on Sunday. Renowned social activist and educationist Haji Muhammad Ashraf has announced his support for the PAT candidates.