Meeting of the Academic Council of Minhaj University Lahore

A meeting of the Academic Council was held on 21st June 2008 at 10:30 AM in the Conference Room of Minhaj University at the Old-Campus (365-M. Model Town Lahore). The meeting was presided over by the Vice-Chancellor Minhaj University Dr. Muhammad Nazir Roomani. It was attended by former Vice-Chancellor of the Punjab University Dr. Khairat Ibne-Ras, Dr. Shakoor, Dr. Nasim Riaz butt, Akbar Ali Shah, Under Secretary Education Deptt, Govt of Punjab. The Following Decisions were taken

  1. The Academic Council approved the Syllabi of M Sc. Mathematics, M Sc. Chemistry, M Sc. Computer Sciences, BS (Hons.) B Sc. Etc. The Board of studies has already approved the syllabus on 23rd of May 2008.
  2. The Academic Council also approved the syllabi of M.A Political Sc., M.A. English Language & Literature, M Sc. Economics, BS. (Hons.) Economics (4 years) & Pakistan Studies for BA./ B Sc./ BBA./ B. Com. etc. The board of studies had already approved this syllabus on 16the February 2008.
  3. The Academic Council also approves the syllabi of MBA, M.Com., BBA. B.Com., etc. The board of studies has already approved these syllabi on 16th June 2008.
  4. Academic Council also approved the regulations of 4 years (Hons.) & 2 years (Pass Course).

In the end the Vice-Chancellor thanked all the members for their participation & valuable contribution which they had made in the meeting.