The 20th Foundation Day Ceremony of Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League

An All-Pakistan Youth Seminar was held in Iwan-e-Iqbal Complex Lahore at 1000 hours on Sunday, the 30th November, 2008 to celebrate the 20th Foundation day of Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League. This seminar was held under the auspices of Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League and Iqbal Academy Pakistan. The title of the seminar was a poetic line of Allama Muhammad Iqbal: Islam tera des he tu mustafvi he (Islam is your homeland and you belong to the Prophet).

The seminar was presided over by President Youth League Mr Bilal Mustafvi. The secretary General Minhaj-ul-Quran International Dr Raheeq Ahmed Abbasi was the Chief Guest. The other guests of honour included Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz, Mr G M Malik, Mr Javed Iqbal Qadri, Mr Ahmed Nawaz Anjum, Mr Sajid Bhatti, Dr Tanvir Ahmed Sindhu, Mr Jawwad Hamid, Mr Zishan Beg and Mr Sajid Gondal. Also among the guests of honour were members Youth Cabinet Mr Baber Ali Ch., Engineer Ijaz Waraitch, Mr Tayyab Zia, Mian Kashif Mehmood, Mr Zahid Beg, Mr Iqbal Yusuf and Mr Imran Bhatti.

The streets leading to the Iwan-e-Iqbal were decorated with beautiful banners. The Youth leaders at Tehsil level started reaching the venue early in the morning. The hall was jam-packed by 100 hours by the youth force fully charged with enthusiasm.

The proceedings commenced with the recitation of the holy Quran by Qari Kashif Chishti.The famous Na’at Khawn Shahzad Hanif Madni recited a beautiful Na’at. Mr Ishtiaq Hanif Mughal performed as the compere.

In his welcome address the senior vice president Mansur Bilal Alvi extended warm welcome to all the members, appointment holders, workers, honorable guests and journalists who had come to celebrate the occasion and felicitated them on the 20th foundation day of the organization. He also presented to the audience a brief on 20 years performance of MYL.

Mian Kashif Mahmood (member youth cabinet) addressed the seminar representing the MYL Punjab. He spoke Punjabi and said: This is the land of Iqbal and the MYL has taken the responsibility to work for and establish peace and a society based on tolerance, moderation and equity. He said the MYL is committed to the cause of the development of homeland and reformation of society. He paid tributes to the valuable services of the youth of the Punjab.

Mr Hafizullah Baluch represented the Sindh and Baluchistan Provinces and Mr Zia-ur-Rahman Khan represented the Frontier and Azad Kashmir. They presented their respective reports on MYL performance in promoting welfare and development in these areas.

Secretary General MYL Mr Zaheer Abbas Gujar announced shields, and medals for outstanding performance of 11 exemplary Tanzimat, 4 exemplary Nazims and 4 exemplary workers. The Tanzimat included Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Sialkot, Bahawalpura, Sheikhupura, Hazara and Karachi. The four exemplary Nazimin comprised Mr Sohail Abbasi (Nazim MYL Rawalpindi), Mr Imran Bhatti (Nazim MYL Lahore), Mian Kashif Mahmood (Nazim MYL Faisalabad) and Malik Amjad Mahmood Chand (Nazim MYL Sialkot). The 4 exemplary workers included Mr Manzur Rahmani (best media coverage), Mr Bilal Ali Qadri (best website designing), Mian Majid Hayat (financial management and mobile multi media).

After the prize distribution President MYL Mr Bilal Mustafvi was invited to address the seminar. He thanked Iqbal Academy for their valuable cooperation in organizing the seminar. He applauded the 20 years matchless performance of the Youth League in rendering their most sincere and dynamic services in welfare, prosperity and development of the country and reformation of society. He asked the Government to formulate a dynamic policy to make the youth join the national mainstream and get it implemented. He stressed upon the policy makers to provide opportunities to the Youth to play their role in the national development.

He said the Government should benefit their talents the maximum and provide them a sense of security in their own homeland. He called on the torchbearers of world peace that the Pakistani Youth are peaceful and are engaged in struggle for peace and reformation on the basis of live and let live. He said: Pakistan is a peace loving country. The propaganda against the youth must therefore be checked and stopped. The youth are busy acquiring and promoting knowledge. They are no way behind the world youth in talent and hard work; they are rather leading the world in these areas. Let us vow today that we shall leave no stone unturned in development and prosperity of our country. On this occasion all the youth attending the seminar stood on their seats and paid homage to their beloved Quaid, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri for providing them the MYL platform to play their role in national development. It is his great act of benevolence that he has enabled the Youth to work on the platform of Minhaj-ul-Quran Youth League for establishment of peace and working for the development of their motherland.

Addressing the seminar in the end the Chief guest Dr Raheeq Abbasi congratulated the MYL on their 20th Foundation Day. He said their efforts in the advancement of the country and make up of the society are no more hidden. They will Insha Allah continue playing their role for the promotion of knowledge and peace and a positive chnge in the society. The Razi band in the end played their tunes and presented Alama Iqbal’s poetic verses. The cake was cut amidst the tunes. The seminar came to an end with supplications.