Women Training Itikaf 2009: Seventh Day

After the speech and special Dua by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri the ‘mu’takifat’ took Sehri food offered Fajr prayer and took rest. They were wakened up at 10.00 for congregational Salat-ut-Tasbih. This was the seventh day of the Women Training Itikaf. Salat-ut-Tasbih was followed by Juma’a sermon by Shaykh-ul-Islam. He explained to the people that every action has its inward and outward truth. An evil action is what it looks but also what is invisible. Similarly the pious acts too have their inward and outward truths. When it is ordained: do not get near indecent acts; it implies both the inward as well as the outward indecencies.

Knowledge also has two kinds. There is knowledge that sprouts from one’s heart and the other one flows from one’s tongue. The one springing from heart is beneficial knowledge while the other flowing from tongue is essential and inevitable. According to Abdullah ibn Mas’ud the Holy Prophet said the Quran was sent down in seven letters each having an inward as well as an outward meaning. According to Ali every letter has an inward (batin) and an outward (zahir) meaning. Every thing has its zahir and batin. Even human body has its zahir and batin. Back is called zahar in Arabic and belly is known s batan. The backside of hand is called zahar while the palm is called batan. Every fruit has a covering. The skin is its zahir and the kernel is its batin. Zahir is thrown away while batin is taken and utilized. The moral of this reasoning is that in everything valuable is its inward part i.e. its batin. If batin is not OK nothing is OK. But to keep batin healthy zahir has to be healthy and strong at the same time.

He developed this logic into the doctrine that internal states cannot be upright unless the external commands are acted upon. Every action has its batin which is its intention or niyya. zahir and batin cannot be segregated. Those who say they can be and should be separated are ignorant of the truth. Then he said that the commands of Sharia deal with both zahir and batin. The outward actions have outward commands and prohibitions and the inward actions or the actions of heart have the inward commands and prohibitions. The outward commands include all obligatory acts of worships and outward prohibitions include acts like fornication, murder, taking wine, eating swine etc. The inward commands include truthfulness, sincerity, tolerance, forgiveness, submissiveness patience, gratitude, fear and hope while the inward prohibitions signify greed, lusts, malice, revenge, dishonesty, hatred, prejudice, jealousy enmity etc. Those who keep their batin upright can maintain their zahir OK. Zahir is guarded and maintained by the Ulama but Batin is guarded and maintained by Sufia’. Sharia looks after zahir but Tariqa takes care of batin.

Jumma’ prayer was offered after the speech of Shaykh-ul-Islam was over. The ‘mu’takifat’ then went to attend halqa-jaat and the Mu’allimat delivered their Dars on Sura Noor. Today’s Dars comprised teachings contained in verse Nos. 51 to 61 of Sura Noor. The Mu’allimat explained the Muslims’ prosperity after poverty and the reasons why we should take food together with the ailing and the handicapped. After Halqa-Jaat the ‘mu’takifat’ got together in the assembly area for Mehfil-e-Na’at. The Na’at Council from Lahore Cantt and Sialkot presented beautiful nasheeds and delivered a memorable performance.

After Iftaar and evening prayer the ‘mu’takifat’ prepared for Sala-ut-Tarawih. The security and discipline committees, administration, Markzi WL Team, started preparation to give a warm reception to venerable daughter of Huzur Shaykh-ul-Islam, Mohtarma Fatima Qura’tul-Ain Shiba and Mohtarma Fidda Hussain Sahiba. The stage was very well decorated and the reception organized for the occasion were checking up all arrangements especially security minutely. They came to Itikaf-gah after Salat-ut-Tasbih was completed. They were received in the echoing slogans and a grand shower of rose petals. Nazima dawat Fareeha Khan conducted the programme.

The programme commenced with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Mohtarma Iffat Waheed sahiba. Mohtarma Fatima Mash`hadi President WL presented her welcome address and thanked Baji Sahiba for especially squeezing out time for Itikaf-gah and give boost to the morale of the WL team and a special joy for the ‘mu’takifat’. She prayed for her good health and early recovery. She said that it was a special spiritual concern and exclusive supplications of Huzur Shayh-ul-Islam for the Women League Sisters in particular and ‘mu’takifat’ in general that the administration, management and implementation of Itikaf schedule went fine and they had not faced any problem in conducting all the various activities. She briefed venerable Baji Sahiba that various committees were constituted for all the different activities of Itikaf and each committee was especially imparted training before the commencement of Itikaf. She praised the mail coordination committee, the senior members and the members central team who worked jointly with dedication to make this Women Training Itikaf a great success. She submitted a detailed report of Itikaf. She said that 83 Tanzimat participated in the Itikaf. The medical team included 6 MBBS Doctors in addition to paramedical staff, and nurses. They worked day and night and served the ‘mu’takifat’ excellently. Halqa–jaat was another success. The contents of Sura Noor were made home to the ‘mu’takifat’ during Duroos. The main focus was on inculcating Sunna among the ladies. They were made implement Sunna in all the various activities through lectures, announcements, reminders and practical examples. Ultimately the struggle produced results when the ‘mu’takifat’ started talking about Sunna and praised the effort made by the Salat and Sunna Committee. The ‘mu’takifat’ were seen everywhere in Itikaf-gah implementing the Sunna. This changed the environment altogether and spiritual pursuit prevailed.

Another very important activity conducted during Itikaf was Tanzimi meetings. Meetings with all the Tanzimat were held according to the schedule given to them. Tanzimat were asked about their difficulties, suggestions to make improvement, methods of implementing working plan and steps to ensure realization of objectives and targets in connection with membership and wabastgi. In the end she reiterated their woe to dedicate every moment of their lives for the Mission to cool the eyes of the beloved Quaid Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. They will make concerted and consistent effort to achieve the targets given to them by the Quaid. Mehfil-e-Na’at was the part of the programme. Sisters from different Tanzimat presented their nasheeds and warmed the hearts of the ‘mu’takifat’ and the venerable guests. Mohtarma Baji Sahiba spoke to the gathering in the end. She applauded the performance given by mail coordination committee, Itikaf administration and Markazi WL Team and extended to them felicitations.

Report prepared by: Maryam Hafeez Naib Nazima Tarbiyyat MWL