Making change happen - by Mukhtar Ahmed

This refers to the article by Ayaz Amir, ‘The pity is that nothing will happen’ (July 11). The reason behind all the ills of Pakistan has been experimentation and ad-hocism followed blindly by both civil and military rulers. It is true that political parties stalwarts in the name of democracy have made fortunes. Everybody has ganged up against Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri because they want to change the system. Is this a bad demand?

When David Cameron can travel standing in a London tube why should our rulers be moving about in Mercedes and BMWs with hundreds of police escort? Who will change them? A revolution? Yes? We talk so much of our constitution, but our rulers don't follow it. We keep hearing the democracy mantra every now and then and everyone seems to be united to ensure it is not derailed. The question is: in the absence of democracy how it can be derailed? Let us fear the day when nature will pounce on this republic. Should we wait for that fateful day or change ourselves?

Mukhtar Ahmed