Operation Stone Age

In the name of Palestine, the most brutalized. "I bring a toy for you my son, please wake up! I bring a toy for you my son, please wake up!" the father said. One cannot stop crying simply watching this video on Facebook. Can we describe the feelings of that father in words? Never ever we can! It’s just a slight reflection of Israel’s barbarianism. Social media is full of such terror stories.

From east to west, north to south wherever we look, we find the blood of Muslims flowing like water. Everywhere there are stockpiles of Muslim dead bodies. Alas! Muslim world is not yet ready to wake up. After every tragic episode I think this time Muslims will get up and realize the harshness of the situation. But every time this thought gets buried in the graveyard of other thoughts.

Did someone from us ever try to think that all the blessings are for non-believers and Muslims are just there to bear sufferings? No doubt, our sufferings are the reflection of our deeds. We don’t know in how many groups, factions and sects we have been divided, and still this division continues. We saw the end results of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and we remained silent. We watched the deprivations and hardships of our Burmese Muslims and again we remained silent, and thanked God that we are safe and secure.

Israel named their air attacks and bombardment “operation protective”. Better it should be “Operation Stone Age”. Innocent children, women, and men are being attacked and murdered by bombings carried out by the notorious Israeli soldiers. These Palestinians are being massacred in such a manner that they have nowhere to seek shelter, nor anyone from whom they can seek help. Animals are treated much better, yet these people have had their basic human rights stripped from them for decades. Is this what they get for opening their arms and welcoming Jewish refugees into their country after First World War? They are being robbed of their money, property, land, and most importantly their lives now. Torture that we cannot imagine and much worse has been taking place for a very long time.

Honestly, one can’t describe in words the sufferings and miseries of Palestinians. And nor can one alleviate the pain of those people by writing articles. While surfing the internet, I look at the photo of a five to six years old girl with her face coloured in blood, standing under the barrels of Israeli guns. There was a strange brilliance in her eyes. Though the face of that little girl was badly fractured but there was no fear in her eyes. Instead it was a hope. A hope, that some day the clouds of cruelty will be cleared. A hope, that someday a Salah-ud-Din Ayubi will come to help and cover their heads. But I feel sorry to say that perhaps that little girl does not know Salah-ud-Dins are born in dignified and respectful nations.

It is a shame that all this bloodshed, harm and destruction occur amid the silence of the so-called ambassadors of peace-the international community. Why the entire world seems so insensitive to recent unethical activities of Israel? Why is the U.S. procrastinating at the time where a minute’s delay could mean more casualties in Gaza? Why is humane sympathy totally far away from the Security Council’s proceedings, even though it is supposed to be the protector of humanity? Is it just because the world’s economy and media is controlled by the Zionists? We have no concern with those states. Our grievances are with fifty-seven Islamic countries. Our grievances are with shameless numbness of our rulers. It hurts the most and deeper when all of this Palestinian genocide happens under the bitter quietness of Arab regimes. Where do we stand as a Muslim?

As Ramadan continues the defenseless people of Gaza are being victimized by Israeli forces. Remember them in your prayers as the power of Dua is strong. Let’s not overlook that while we are breaking our fasts others are being taken to hospitals, being tortured and being bombarded. Never forget our brothers and sisters no matter where they are from Africa to the Middle East, Japan to Russia and every corner of the world. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said: “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while the neighbor to his side goes hungry.” Let’s help them practically. Let’s speak for the Palestinian Cause and to defend their rights. Remember, time never waits for anyone, today it is them, and tomorrow it may be us.