PAT Punjab terms Railway Minister’s attitude as ‘fascism’

PAT Punjab President Basharat Jaspal has strongly condemned the Federal Minister for Railways for hurling threats at the labourers. He termed his attitude as an example of fascism. He said that Khawaja Saad Rafique ‘gifted’ the Railway land for the Orange Line Project and is now getting the Railway quarters evacuated. He said that the employees are being threatened in an attempt to forestall any possibility of backlash. He warned the rulers to stay away from such haughty attitude reminding them of the end of Pharaohs of their times.

Mushtaq Nonari Advocate, Raja Zahid, Ishtiaq Chaudhry Advocate, and others attended the meeting.

Ishtiaq Ch said in his remarks that a gang of the rulers is looting the exchequer in the garb of mega projects and depriving the poor of their shelters. He said that such kind of high handedness of displacing the poor was never witnessed in the past.

Mushtaq Nonari Advocate also severely criticized the rulers. He said that they have become a source of major trouble for the people. He said that the Lahore Orange Line Project has brought a bad news for city’s beauty, its people and heritage, against which all political parties are protesting. He said that the rulers are power drunk and bent on depriving the poor of jobs and houses.