Pace of vindictive actions against workers accelerated: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

PAT chief Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that the cowardly rulers fearing the end have accelerated the pace of vindictive actions against the party workers. He said that justice is being massacred in Punjab where hundreds of workers are being subjected to trial on false cases registered under anti-terrorism clauses. He said that police carried out raids on the houses of workers, perpetrated violence on the family members, looted household stuff of worth millions of rupees and registered terrorism cases against the same workers. He said that all of it has happened on the orders of the Punjab chief minister and vindictive actions against the party workers continue to date. He said that he would go to any length to seek justice for the martyrs of Model Town tragedy, adding that he would forgive everything but would not pardon excesses and brutalities committed on his workers.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri expressed these views while addressing the Pakistan Awami Tehreek Lawyers Wing on telephone from abroad. The lawyers apprised the PAT chief about progress on the matters related to Model Town tragedy, JIT investigation, and Judicial Commission report.

Dr Qadri said that the head of the JIT should send pardon letters to workers instead of notices and leave the headship of the team forthwith. He said that the JIT which we have not accepted does not carry any moral and legal authority, asking how we can get justice from a JIT which was set up on the orders of the principal accused and which consists of representatives of the killer police.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that his workers are like his children, adding that he would not bear any excess and brutality committed against them. He made it clear that the blood of workers would not go in vain. He said that he has given his commitment to the workers that he would avenge every drop of their blood and would not rest till their killers are sent to gallows. He said that he wanted to forewarn the power-drunk rulers of Punjab that they should refrain from carrying out their vindictive actions against the workers. He said that we are peaceful people and do not believe in violence but added in the same breath that our patience should not be tested. He said that we are demanding the redress of the wrongs through democratic means but we are being pushed to the wall.

The PAT chief said that PML-N is terrorism-sponsoring party and should be the first to be banned under the National Action Plan. He said that there is a blood of innocent people on the hands of this party’s leaders and they have been booked in terrorism cases. He said that every day of their stay in power has brought harm to the people and the country. He said that the whole nation, journalists, anchors and the rulers should know that we have not withdrawn from our demand of taking ‘Qisas’ nor can we ever back off from our principled position.

He said that the Punjab Chief Minister refused to release the report of the judicial commission he himself established to probe Model Town killings because the report held the Punjab government responsible for killing of 14 innocent people. He asked what kind of democracy, justice system and parliament are these where no one is asking the Chief Minister under what law and morality has he been holding on to power?

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that the state institution shed the blood of 14 persons and critically injured 85 workers in broad day-light, adding that seven months have passed since the registration of FIR but fair and impartial investigation has not been initiated so far. On the other hand, the anti-terrorism courts are hearing the fake cases on daily basis registered by the police on the orders of the rulers and handing down punishments to workers on the basis of inquiry conducted by the killer police. He said that justice is being massacred in Punjab and all institutions are tight lipped. He asked the rulers to understand the language of decency and stop brutalities on the PAT workers.



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