Pakistan confronted with external and internal challenges: Dr Raheeq Abbasi

The country is confronted with many external and internal problems and challenges. There is no doubt about the fact that the government inherited many of these problems but instead of resolving them as the first priority with wisdom, it allowed them to fester and become graver with the passage of time. Now plethora of these issues has engulfed the nation. The provision of aid by the external powers on stringent conditions is an attack on the national sovereignty of the country.

These views were expressed by Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi, Secretary General of Minhaj-ul-Quran International, in his address to the Central Working Council (CWC) of MQI the other day. He said that topping the list of graver problems is the issue of resignations of federal ministers, parliamentary secretaries and members of parliament belonging to FATA.

Dr Raheeq Ahmad Abbasi said that such problems as hike in power tariff, sugar & flour crises, deteriorating law and order situation, dearness and increase in violence against women and children have made life difficult for the common people. He said that it was the foremost responsibility of the government to find a solution to these issues on war footings. ‘The promises made with the electorate by the ruling elite should be fulfilled’, he held. He urged the government to bring all these issues on the floor of parliament and take all political forces into confidence.