MQI Lodhran holds protest rally

Minhaj-ul-Quran Lodhran chapter organized a protest rally against the suicide attack on the Data Darbar, which started from the bus stand and concluded on the Press club. The rally was attended by hundreds of people who belonged to different sections of society. Malik Aslam Hammad Rana Muhammad Zahir, Azhar Langha Advocate, and Chaudhary Abdul ghaffar led the rally, while the distinguished personalities included Rao Muhammad Ishaq Abid Joya, Ismail Meher Abadi , Salman, Numan ,Umar Farooq, Khaja Ahmed, Allama Rafeeq Nomani, Peer Habib Ullah Seraji, and other leaders.

The protesters were carrying placards with slogans against the terrorists written on them. They chanted slogans against the perpetrators of attack on the Data Darbar.

Addressing the participants of the rally, Aslam Hammad said that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam never allows the suicide attack. Rana Muhammad Zahir said that the attack on the Data Darbar was a black chapter in the history of Pakistan and those who gave carte blanche to terrorists to operate as they pleased were national criminals.

The speakers at the rally said that the Friends of Allah rule the minds and hearts of people. They criticized the government for its inability to secure the shrine against threats of terrorism. They paid glowing tribute to Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri for his magnum opus against terrorism. They said that everyone knew those who regarded the shrines of saints as the places where ‘shirk’ was committed. They said that if the government was serious in its anti terror drive, it would not be possible for terrorists to strike at will. They said that they took to streets as the guardians of the respect of Data sahib.

The rally concluded on Dua. A large number of media men were also present to cover the rally.