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Notes from a Grumpy Old Man : Fatwa Against Terrorists, Chalabi Is Scum, The Moonbeam Party
Well Regulated American Militias : Terrorism Fatwa: Feces
Spritzophrenia : God Doesn’t Want You To Fly Into Buildings
Radical Muslim : Concerns About The Quilliam Foundation and Ed Husain
Aussie Muslims : Islamic scholar Tahir ul-Qadri to issue terrorism fatwa
Psarm Strong : Historical Launching of Fatwa Against Terrorism
Iraq Green News : لندن تترقب فتوى عالم مسلم ضد الارهاب
Aawsat : Muslim Leader Issues Anti-Terror Fatwa
Sweet Silence : Islamic Scholar Dr.Tahir ul-Qadri issued Terrorism Fatwa
Akhbaar : الشيخ القادري: الإرهابيون أعداء الإسلام.. والانتحاريون لن يدخلوا الجنة ولن يشموا ريحها
Al : My fatwa against the terrorists’ creed
Unreasonable Faith : Suicide Bombers Go to Heaven; Er, Hell!
Saphir News : Terrorisme : le « non » catégorique en 600 pages : Tahir ul-Qadri: Terrorists are kafirs
Thaindian News : Pakistani Islamic scholar to issue 600-page fatwa against terrorism, suicide bombing
Tajzia News : Realising the Terrorist Threat
Goat Milk : Influential Pakistani cleric issues fatwa against terrorism
Cgi : Religion: Tahir ul-Qadri’s Fatwa Against Terrorism
All voices : A leading Islamic scholar has issued an anti-terror fatwa, it keeps getting better!
Ian C Adams : Islamic scholar issues terrorism fatwa
Professional Soldiers : Dr. ul Qadri's fatwa
Rant Rave : The Beginning of An End to Terrorism?
The : My fatwa against the terrorists’ creed
Jss News : Enfin une fatwa anti-terroriste
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